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The top Neosurf online casino providers in Canadа

Neosurf Casino Deposit - Experiences and Comparison in

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At search-casino.com, my team and I prioritize conducting thorough evaluations of casinos and gathering pertinent and trustworthy information. Our ratings and tests are founded on this premise. Paramount to us is the safety aspect of casinos.

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Where can I make payments with Neosurf? This falls into the category of "frequently asked questions" among users of this online payment method. We will delve into this question in detail here and thoroughly discuss the possible transactions. But what we can reveal to you right now is that you can make Neosurf payments in casinos and use the money for bonus code promotions and games. Simply purchase vouchers, access your casino account, and activate the transactions with the payment details, and you're done. Neosurf is a convenient option for making payments on a casino website without having to disclose general information about your bank, credit card, and so on. Additionally, we discovered during our testing that you can pay for Neosurf vouchers anonymously at local stores. This is an important point for many players, which is why they opt for this option in online casinos like National Casino. The experts at Gold Chip will explain everything else in this article below.

Top Neosurf Casinos in Canadа

Below, we've compiled our top list of the finest Neosurf online casinos available in this country. Each casino provider has undergone thorough testing by our team and is listed in the subsequent ranking.

Online Casino Evaluation Bonus Payout Payment methods Spielen
1 20Bet Casino Logo 20Bet Casino

20Bet Casino


100% up to $120 + 120 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo visa logo A1 Magenta Logo mastercard Logo Eps A1 Logo
2 ivibet casino logo iviBet Casino

iviBet Casino


150% up to $300 + 170 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo visa logo A1 Magenta Logo mastercard Logo Eps A1 Logo
3 Hell Spin Logo Hell Spin Casino

Hell Spin Casino


150% up to $400 + 150 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo A1 Magenta Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps A1 Logo
4 Bizzo Casino Logo Bizzo Casino

Bizzo Casino


150% up to $400 + 150 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo A1 Magenta Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps A1 Logo
5 Blu Vegas Logo BluVegas Casino

BluVegas Casino


Get $2000 + 200 Cash Spins + 20% Cashback Every Month!

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Skrill Logo Cashtocode Logo neteller Logo immediately logo
6 Spin Galaxy Spin Galaxy Casino

Spin Galaxy Casino



0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Apple Pay Logo Skrill Logo neteller Logo
7 Playfina Logo Playfina Casino

Playfina Casino


1000 $ +200 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Cashtocode Logo Skrill Logo Logo lives on Mifinity Logo
8 Boho Casino Logo Boho Casino

Boho Casino


$2000 AND 225 FS!

0-24 h

neosurf Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Maestro Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo neteller Logo immediately logo
9 SlotHunter Casino Logo SlotHunter Casino

SlotHunter Casino


250% up to $3,000 + 250 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Logo lives on
10 Turbic Casino Logo Turbico Casino

Turbico Casino


200% up to $333 + 300 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo
11 Ggbet Logo GGBet Casino

GGBet Casino


100% up to $1,500 + 500 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo ezeewallet Logo
12 Casinorex Casino Rex

Casino Rex


1000 $ + 100 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Logo lives on
13 1Red Logo 1Red Casino

1Red Casino


Receive daily cashback of up to 20% on your purchases.

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Maestro Skrill Logo Cashtocode Logo Logo lives on
14 Casiqo Casino Logo Casiqo Casino

Casiqo Casino


1,000$ +250 FS WELCOME OFFER DEPOSIT RANGE: 20$ - 199$

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo
15 Cashlot Casino Logo Cashalot Casino

Cashalot Casino


200% UP TO 500 EUR

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Maestro Mifinity Logo Logo lives on AstroPav Due
16 Pinocasino Pino Casino

Pino Casino


150 $ + 150 FS

0-24 h

neosurf Logo paysafecard Logo Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo Logo lives on neteller Logo immediately logo Rapid Logo

Here are 10 intriguing facts about Neosurf.

  1. You can acquire the Neosurf prepaid card online or obtain it at various retail outlets. Purchase Neosurf at a tobacco shop, supermarket, or gas station.

  2. You can make use of the vouchers without needing to disclose your personal banking information at the online casino. It is possible to utilize the coupons without having to reveal your personal financial details at the virtual gambling establishment. One can take advantage of the vouchers without the need to divulge their personal bank account information at the online casino.

  3. Neosurf can be acquired in a completely discreet manner by opting to pay with cash at a local store. For instance, one can purchase a Neosurf ticket from a petrol station, ensuring anonymity throughout the transaction.

  4. The prepaid card can be used in many countries and online casinos.

  5. The prepaid card is available in various denominations and can be purchased with a wide range of options such as e-wallets, credit cards, and more. You have the flexibility to choose the amount that suits your needs, whether it's a small amount for occasional use or a larger sum for regular transactions. With the convenience of electronic payment methods, you can easily top up your card and enjoy hassle-free transactions. Plus, the card offers a secure and reliable way to manage your finances, protecting you from any potential risks associated with online transactions. So, why wait? Get your prepaid card today and experience the convenience and peace of mind that it brings.

  6. The vouchers can be combined for a higher amount in online casinos.

  7. With Neosurf, all bonus offers can be activated in online casinos.

  8. The use of vouchers for cash withdrawals is not permitted.

  9. Neosurf presents its very own mobile application, allowing users to effortlessly manage their vouchers and conveniently access their transaction history. Through this innovative app, individuals can effortlessly keep track of their Neosurf vouchers while also gaining insights into their past transactions. With the Neosurf mobile app, staying on top of your voucher management has never been easier.

  10. On the Neosurf website, you can locate the nearest Neosurf retailer in your area.

Neosurf Casino categorized by type

Category Casino Name

???? "The winner among all Neosurf casinos"

20Bet Casino

💫 Latest Neosurf provider

Bizzo Casino

⭐ Best Neosurf Casino Bonus

Hell Spin Casino

Discover the joys of playing at a secure online casino that accepts Neosurf as a payment method.

iviBet Casino

⭐ Top-rated Neosurf mobile casino

SlotHunter Casino


Here's what you should know when making payments with Neosurf.

Neosurf Lobby

Neosurf, a globally recognized online payment system, is widely used in numerous countries. The company is headquartered in France, and within the EU, Neosurf is known as "Verified Payments UAB" with the authority to circulate electronic money. This payment method has gained popularity primarily due to its emphasis on anonymity, which explains its frequent presence in casino deposits.

Founded: Neoserf was established in 2004 by Andrea McGeachin and Martin Prout in Paris, France.
Website: www.neosurf.com
CEO: The current CEO of Neoserf is Andrea McGeachin.
Head office: Neoserf's headquarters is located at 10 Rue Vandrézanne, 75013 Paris, France.
Share capital: The registered capital of Neoserf amounts to $250,000.
Employees: Neoserf employs around 50 staff members.
Limits: The minimum amount for a voucher is 10 $, while the maximum amount is 100 $.
Geographical reach: Neoserf offers its services in more than 50 countries worldwide.
Products: Neoserf offers a range of products, including prepaid vouchers, online payments, and mobile payments.

Buy Neosurf - In-Person and Online

To use Neosurf in online casinos, you need to acquire a card beforehand. This can be done, for instance, at various shops, supermarkets, and gas stations. Simply grab a card and pay for it at the checkout with cash or any other available payment methods. Alternatively, you can utilize different online platforms, such as Dundle, to purchase Neosurf tickets. No registration is required there. On the website, you can find Neosurf vouchers in denominations of 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, and 100 euros.

Pay Neosurf

The primary concern, of course, is not just about utilizing Neosurf for online payments in an online casino, but rather about acquiring funds for Neosurf so that one can even make payments with it. We will address this query in the following passage.

Fortunately, the beauty lies in the simplicity of Neosurf casino payment, which is why this payment method is highly favored in top Neosurf gaming establishments like National Casino or N1 Casino. But that's not all: acquiring prepaid cards is also a breeze, as this payment method can be obtained through a variety of different payment options. These include PayPal or immediate bank transfer. So, there is something for everyone! Additionally, with myNeosurf, you can keep track of all your payments.

Business Fees of Neosurf within a Commercial Context.

Cost of sending money For free
Costs of receiving money 250 $
Maximum amount per payment 100 $
Max. credit No limit
Withdrawal limit No withdrawal possible
Withdrawal from an ATM No withdrawal possible
Conversion fee 2 %
Inactivity Fee No


This is how we evaluate an online casino using Neosurf as a payment method.

In order to identify the top-rated Neosurf casino, we need to conduct several examinations. These assessments are conducted uniformly across all online gambling establishments to ensure that every provider has an equal opportunity to make it onto our coveted list. Our team of experts at search-casino.com boasts years of experience and understands exactly what to look for and what casino customers desire. Below, we will outline the key factors that are especially crucial when determining the best Neosurf casinos.

  1. License: To ensure secure gameplay, every gambling provider must possess a valid license to demonstrate their commitment to safety. License authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority certify operators with a unique identifier, indicating the casino's regulation and oversight. It is imperative for a gambling platform to showcase its licensed status to instill trust and confidence in players seeking a secure gaming environment.

  2. Security Measures: We thoroughly assess additional security features, such as a random number generator and SSL encryption, to ensure a secure connection. Only when everything aligns, can it be deemed a top-notch Neosurf online casino.

  3. Responsible Gaming: Maintaining a sense of responsibility is of utmost significance for individuals who possess a Neosurf Deposit Casino account, ensuring they do not succumb to gambling addiction. We thoroughly examine the necessary measures to be taken. Essential criteria that must align include setting limits within the customer account, seeking assistance from customer support, and providing links to support organizations.

  4. When it comes to slot machines, we also evaluate the range of casino Neosurf slots. Our examination involves assessing the presence of a diverse assortment of games, including jackpot machines, themed slots, and arcade games, among others. In addition to the selection of games, the quantity also holds significant value. The more options available, the better the experience.

  5. Live Games: Nowadays, the thrill of placing bets and interacting with live dealers has become a crucial criterion for many casino enthusiasts when choosing an online casino. Therefore, the selection of live games offered at Neosurf casinos holds significant importance. We prioritize casinos that offer a diverse range of live games, including blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and various game shows. This ensures that players have a wide variety of options to choose from and enjoy the ultimate live gaming experience.

  6. At our platform, we ensure that our esteemed readers only come across the finest Neosurf casinos imaginable. Any online casino lacking a generous welcome bonus, enticing additional promotions, and thrilling tournament bonuses stands no chance with us. Our goal is to provide our readers with an unrivaled gambling experience that includes exclusive bonus offers tailored to their preferences and desires. So, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned player, rest assured that we've got you covered with the most lucrative and exciting bonus deals available in the online gambling sphere.

  7. Exclusive Membership: The addition of an exclusive membership program is warmly embraced, as it offers numerous advantages to players, such as expedited withdrawals, exclusive bonuses, and a myriad of other enticing perks. Players can indulge in faster cashouts, tailor-made promotions, and an array of special privileges that amplify their gaming experience. The inclusion of a VIP club serves as a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled benefits and exceptional treatment to our esteemed players.

  8. Payment Methods: At our company, we prioritize offering a wide array of options for both deposits and withdrawals, ensuring that every customer can find the payment method that suits them best. Additionally, it is crucial to us that transactions are processed swiftly and without any unnecessary delays. We place great importance on efficiency and aim to eliminate any long waiting periods.

  9. Customer Service: A competent support team is essential. Each employee should be able to respond quickly to all inquiries and offer assistance. Additionally, having a FAQ section is beneficial as it provides quick access to the most important questions and answers.

  10. Availability on mobile devices is a crucial aspect for online casinos nowadays. It is imperative for these platforms to be accessible on any mobile device without requiring any downloads. Our team thoroughly examines and verifies this essential feature.

More options with the myNeosurf account.

Although it is possible to acquire the Neosurf payment method anonymously, there is also the option to register on the provider's website. Registering on myNeosurf allows users to top up their account using the Neo-Card, credit card, or bank transfer, while always having a clear overview of their balance. Additionally, payments can be made in over 20,000 retail outlets.

Open Site
Schritt 1

Visit the myNeosurf website and click on "Sign up".

Enter Your Details
Schritt 2

Enter the necessary data in myNeosurf.

Verify Your Identity
Schritt 3

The myNeosurf registration is verified by email.

Welcome bonus
Schritt 4

Now, it is possible to top up the prepaid credit easily through the app.

How does the Neosurf casino payment system work?

Steps of Neosurf operation in an online casino

But let's start from scratch! How do deposits work in the best Neosurf casinos? To understand this, let's take a closer look at the payment process. The company offers what is known as cash vouchers. These vouchers are also referred to as prepaid cards or vouchers. You can purchase such a card both online and in a supermarket. You don't need a bank account or a specifically designated Neosurf account to make payments. All Neosurf prepaid cards can be easily bought with cash and redeemed online later. Each Neo card comes with a PIN code, which you can simply enter online, for example, when shopping online or in a casino like National Casino or N1 Casino, to make a payment. The principle is incredibly straightforward:

  • Purchase Neosurf Prepaid Card.

  • Entering a PIN code in the casino.

  • Get a casino bonus and start playing right away.

Here's how you can redeem Neosurf.

Let's take a closer look at how online gambling establishments operate with this payment method. In Canadа, you can find Neosurf casino operators everywhere! This payment option is used in almost every aspect of the online gambling industry. So, finding a suitable Neosurf online casino should be relatively easy for you. However, if you're planning to make a deposit, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One of them is that every casino offers a bonus for the first deposit.

The majority of online casinos offer a bonus, but it typically comes with certain conditions attached. Therefore, it is crucial to deposit a slightly larger amount of money into the casino after signing up for your first deposit in order to receive the bonus. By doing so, you will receive complimentary credit from the gaming establishment, which you can use for playing. In the following step-by-step guide, we provide general information and explain how payments work.

This is how Neosurf works:

  1. Choose a Neosurf Casino and create an account there.

  2. Before signing up at the top Neosurf casinos, make sure to find out what the minimum deposit amount is for the casino. Gather information about the required minimum deposit at the online casino before registering. Prior to creating an account at the finest Neosurf casinos, familiarize yourself with the minimum deposit threshold. Ensure you are aware of the minimum amount required to make a deposit at the chosen online casino. Don't forget to check the minimum deposit limit at the best Neosurf casinos before you start playing.

  3. Click on the "Make Deposits" tab in your online casino account.

  4. Choose the option "Neosurf" among the payment methods.

  5. Neosurf Casino Deposit: Now enter the desired amount in the selection field for the deposit you wish to make. Let's input the preferred sum you want to transfer in the designated box for your Neosurf casino deposit.

  6. Choose a high enough amount to receive the welcome bonus and the free spins.

  7. Please confirm the amount below.

  8. Your deposit will now be processed in a matter of seconds, and the funds will be credited to your player account as online casino money. Rest assured that the payment will be swiftly handled, allowing you to enjoy the seamless experience of online gambling. Additionally, you can be confident in the promptness with which your transaction will be completed, ensuring that your gaming activities are not interrupted. Experience the convenience of instant processing, as your payment is swiftly recorded and made available for use in your online casino account.

  9. Take advantage of the welcome bonus and free spins to play casino games. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us via live chat.

Features of Online Casinos with Neosurf in Canadа in

Neosurf online gambling establishments typically possess several characteristics. By these attributes, you can identify that the payment method is available in the online casino. Usually, there is a tab in the respective casino that lists all the payment methods. You can also recognize if this payment option is available for deposits. Furthermore, Neosurf casinos always offer the latest gambling games to play. There are also various types of games, such as the live dealer casino, slot machines, and table games. By the way, you can identify Neosurf casinos by the presence of a license! Because Neo-Surf does not make its payment method available to every casino. Only secure and reputable operators are granted permission to offer the method for payments.

The safety and reliability in the Neosurf Casino.

Neosurf security in the online casino

A top-notch Neosurf casino places great emphasis on security! The most secure Neosurf casinos are as safe as Fort Knox. Given that online casinos deal with real money most of the time, it is crucial to prioritize security measures. In our review of the finest Neosurf online casinos, we have placed significant importance on security. Only the paramount gaming establishments with impeccable security features have made it to the top ranks. Below, we have outlined several security attributes that the best Neosurf casinos boast, among others.

  • Gambler verification of legal age
  • SSL encryption for secure deposit
  • Using IP tracking as a means to safeguard casino customers.
  • DDoS protection against hostile attacks.

The deposit and withdrawal process at the Neosurf Casino

If you wish to engage in casino gaming, you will need funds. Typically, the finest online casinos extend a warm welcome to new customers by offering them a variety of bonuses such as a welcoming bonus, free spins, or other types of bonuses. However, once these have been depleted, one must tap into their cash reserves! Nevertheless, there are certain details to consider when making a deposit. First and foremost, it is important to know where one can purchase Neo-Surf. This can be done online or at a local supermarket. Furthermore, Neosurf cards are available in various denominations. Those interested in acquiring this payment method must decide whether they would like to make use of a $5, $10, $15, $30, $50, or $100 card.

In addition, the Neosurf online casinos also provide certain limitations. Meaning, it is not possible to deposit several million euros directly into an online casino. Our investigation has revealed that typically a minimum value of $10 must be reached for a deposit or deposits in general. However, deposits must not exceed $1,000 per day as a maximum. Depending on the casino site, these values may vary slightly. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire directly before making a deposit about the maximum amount.

The Neosurf deposit process is incredibly fast.

List of Neosurf benefits

The Neosurf deposit casino is relatively straightforward. We've already explained earlier how you can deposit money into the casino on the deposit page. But how fast are these deposits, actually? The best Neosurf casinos are typically lightning-fast! A regular bank transfer to a casino usually takes around three to four days. However, with this payment method, it's a whole different story. Here, the deposit usually takes only a few seconds. In other words, as soon as you've made your deposits, they are immediately available in your account and can be used for playing. However, do pay attention to the casino bonus requirements so that your deposit is high enough to qualify for free spins or the welcome bonus.

These are the advantages and disadvantages you have:


    • The payment method is available in multiple countries.
    • You can purchase a Neosurf card both online and offline.
    • The company provides internet users with the option to pay anonymously.
    • Neosurf deposits are eligible for the bonus.
    • The prepaid card cannot be manipulated or hacked.
    • You don't need a bank account or Neosurf account; instead, you can make payments directly.


    • Only a small number of online shops offer Neosurf as a payment method.
    • The largest prepaid card available for purchase has a value of only 100 $.
    • For larger deposits, it is necessary to combine multiple prepaid cards.
    • It is not possible to withdraw Neosurf credit to a private account.

The payment option comes with several advantages. It's no wonder that the internet is filled with popular top Neosurf online casinos. After all, without added value, gamblers would opt for other payment methods to make their deposits. To make it easier for you to see the benefits right away, we have compiled an overview summarizing everything.

In Neosurf online casinos, disadvantages are present, as is the case with any payment option. Our test revealed several drawbacks associated with Neosurf that we would like to share with you. This way, as a customer, you will know right away whether this payment method is suitable for you or if you should explore other alternatives.

Payout Neosurf - Withdraw Funds

It's fantastic how smoothly the payments work on the casino website. However, one frequently asked question is whether it's possible to withdraw prepaid credit to a bank account using this payment method.

Transferring casino credit with Neosurf to an account? We can quickly answer this question. Unfortunately, withdrawals with Neosurf are not yet possible, these are general pieces of information about it. The reason for this is that you do not have to set up an account for Neosurf as a payment method, but simply buy the prepaid card at the nearest shop. Therefore, there is no way to transfer the casino credit anywhere or transfer it to your personal account. This also means that it is not possible to pay the bonus credit to the Neosurf card on MyNeosurf.

However, this is not a problem at all because these cards are excellent as a deposit method, and for withdrawals, you can simply use one of the many other options offered by a top Neosurf casino. Rest assured, there is no need to worry about it at all. Neosurf cards are a convenient and efficient way to make deposits, ensuring hassle-free transactions. When it comes to cashing out your winnings, you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from, provided by the best Neosurf casinos. Embrace the convenience and flexibility that these casinos offer, and enjoy seamless transactions every step of the way.

What types of bonuses are available at Neosurf casinos?

Alle Neosurf Casino Bonus

Let's take a look at the so-called casino bonus, shall we? The Neosurf casino bonus is granted to every gambler who uses this payment method for playing. Various gambling establishments provide their players with bonus offers. These bonus offers can come in different forms. For instance, there is a bonus for new customers, known as the welcome bonus, or there is a bonus for VIP guests, known as the VIP bonus. It all depends on how active you are in casinos. Below, we have listed Neosurf casino bonus offers that you can find in a gambling establishment.

  • The new customer bonus or also known as the welcome bonus.

  • The recurring weekly Reload Bonus applies to all casino customers.

  • The VIP bonuses, exclusive to VIP gamblers, are a special feature in the world of gambling.

  • The so-called birthday bonus is given to players who have a birthday.

  • Furthermore, there are numerous seasonal bonuses that are distributed, for example, during Christmas or Easter.

  • Free spins for playing without money.

Neosurf Casinos offer these games for playing.

As previously mentioned, we have taken into account the game selection when choosing the "best Neosurf casinos." After all, as a player, you visit a casino to play. Therefore, it is crucial that the game offerings are well-rounded. Neosurf online casinos need to offer hundreds of games across various categories. Now, let's delve a little deeper into the types of games that await you as a player.

Additional popular casino games with Neosurf

Casinos, of course, have much more in store than just live offerings. Players are usually provided with thousands of games to play. The options available are truly boundless!

One can take pleasure in the fact that in order to play in a live dealer casino, both bonuses, free spins, or real money are accepted. There are various options available to players, allowing them to play games on a single platform. Some platforms require payment, while others simply utilize free spins. Additionally, we have once again compiled the best game categories for you to enjoy at a Neosurf Casino.

  • Table games like French Roulette, American Blackjack or Baccarat
  • Slot machines like Book of Dead Book of Ra or Legacy of Dead
  • Games with massive prizes, such as Mega Moolah, Book of Atem, or Buffalo Power.
  • Unique rephrased version: "Special games such as Monopoly, which has been a classic for decades, hold a special place in the hearts of both young and old players." Wheel of Fortune Make it unique for Google: "oder Deal or No Deal" - "Decide between Deal or No Deal"

Experience the excitement of a live casino with the convenience of Neosurf.

In, no Neosurf casino should be without a live dealer casino. Otherwise, players will seek out other premier Neosurf casinos to play at. By participating in live gaming, you have the opportunity to directly connect to a game through a livestream and join in the action. This means that playing is interactive!

As you engage in the act of playing, you have the ability to observe the live dealer directly through a video stream. Among other things, you witness how the dealer deals the cards or how they toss the white ball into the roulette wheel. This elevates the experience of gambling to an entirely new level. Below, we have compiled a list of several games that you can find in Neosurf casinos, which we consider to be of high quality.

These software providers are compatible with Neosurf.

Software at Neosurf Casinos

The selection of games offered by Neosurf casino providers naturally differs. These games are programmed by software developers and then purchased by the casinos. Afterward, the operators can utilize the offerings from these game providers. With the Neosurf online payment method, you can test and play all games as well as game providers in a casino. Below, we have listed the top game providers that you can expect to find in various casinos. These manufacturers are the industry's leading producers!

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Play'n Go
  • Red Tiger
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Yggdrasil
  • Quickspin
  • Betsoft
  • Playtech

Neosurf Casino 5 Euro

Many individuals hold the misconception that depositing just 5 euros into a casino in is a trivial amount that won't yield significant results. However, they couldn't be more wrong. By utilizing a bonus offer that includes free spins, one not only receives the deposited funds but also the bonus money and free spins, greatly enhancing the potential for winning. Rest assured, this payment method is always eligible for obtaining the respective bonus, unlike Skrill, for instance, which may be excluded.

Examples of bonus offers that can be used with this payment method.

  • Get 25% cashback on losses from Monday to Friday.
  • Enjoy a 100% Weekend Bonus of up to $200 plus 100 free spins.
  • Exclusive offer: Get a VIP Bonus of 200% up to $100.
  • Tournament bonus with a $1,000,000 prize pool, and so on.

To acquire the respective bonus, little effort is usually required. However, it is essential to always consider the bonus conditions in order to be able to withdraw winnings from the bonuses. These specifications consist of specific rules that must be strictly adhered to. Only by doing so can a withdrawal of winnings to the MyNeosurf account be processed.

Discover all there is to know about minimum bonuses of 5 euros in online casinos in Canadа, and uncover the finest online casino Neosurf 5 euro deposit at 20Bet Casino. Embrace the opportunity to delve into the realm of online gambling, where you'll encounter an array of enticing bonuses and promotions. Immerse yourself in thrilling gameplay and unlock the potential for lucrative wins, all while experiencing the utmost convenience and security that online casinos offer. Take advantage of the 5 euro minimum deposit option and embark on an exhilarating journey towards unforgettable entertainment. At 20Bet Casino, the leading destination for Canadian players, you'll discover an exceptional selection of games, seamless payment methods, and unparalleled customer support. Join now and relish the thrill of playing at the best online casino with a Neosurf 5 euro deposit!

Canadа 20Bet Casino 5.0 / 5 100% up to $120 + 120 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24

“Cell phone bill %ALT_%IMGTITLE_270Neosurf Casino: Online payment system for Canadа

Mobile payments in the Neosurf online casino

Neosurf is an excellent option for making deposits in virtual casinos, also known as online casinos. Not only is it convenient due to its speed, but it can also be done from anywhere. Imagine being on the go and wanting to take advantage of a Neosurf bonus that includes free spins (for specific details on the bonus, please refer to the bonus terms). However, your casino account is empty. No worries, simply make a payment using the handy app. Alternatively, you can purchase credit through platforms like "Dundle". Upon purchase, you will receive an email notification containing a code, which you can enter to complete the deposit process in top Neosurf casinos.

Other payment methods for Canadian players at online casinos.

However, in Neosurf casinos, there are naturally other payment methods available that one can utilize to access the game selection. For those who dislike the Neosurf card or do not wish to purchase it online on a website, there are indeed alternative options for making payments in casinos. This is because each casino site typically offers up to ten or more different payment methods (credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, etc.). Therefore, if someone does not wish to conduct a transaction using this particular method, they are not obliged to do so! Below, we have compiled a table that includes various alternative payment methods and directly compares them to Neosurf payments. In this way, you can personally decide whether you would like to use Neosurf for gaming or for making payments on the internet.

Payment provider Speed ​​of deposits Speed ​​of payouts fees Security
Neosurf Real time No withdrawal possible No fees Very sure
Bank Transfer

up to 7 days

up to 7 days

Possible fees Very sure
Credit card Real time Real time No fees Medium
Paysafecard Real time Sometimes No fees Very sure


Real time

Real time

No fees


Neteller Real time Real time No fees secure

Is it possible to withdraw money with Neosurf as well?

A regular online banking system functions in both directions. You can deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos. However, with "Neo," it works differently. Transactions can only be made in one direction, unlike other payment methods. As a player, you can only deposit money at a casino operator but cannot withdraw it. Nevertheless, Neosurf remains a very convenient way to top up your player account at online casinos. We have selected the top 3 best online casinos where you can pay with Neosurf. We have tested these providers ourselves and can confirm that Neosurf works flawlessly.

Сasino Rating Bonus Website link
20Bet Casino Logo Canadа 20Bet Casino 5.0 / 5 100% up to $120 + 120 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • There are over 420 jackpot machines available.
  • There are numerous options available for both depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • Exclusive Club for Loyal Customers
neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo visa logo A1 Magenta Logo mastercard Logo +20 weitere
ivibet casino logo Canadа iviBet Casino 4.9 / 5 150% up to $300 + 170 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • VIP Club with exclusive VIP bonuses.
  • Lots of jackpot slots
  • Sports betting area
neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo visa logo A1 Magenta Logo mastercard Logo +19 weitere
Hell Spin Logo Canadа Hell Spin Casino 4.9 / 5 150% up to $400 + 150 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Fast and reliable payout processes
  • Over 3,200 games available for you to choose as a player.
neosurf Logo Cell phone bill logo paysafecard Logo A1 Magenta Logo visa logo mastercard Logo +20 weitere

There are various denominations available for making deposits at a casino with Neosurf.

It is important not only for novices and casino beginners but also for professionals and high-rollers to be aware of the limits for a Neosurf Card. This significantly contributes to the decision-making process of whether one opts for a deposit casino or prefers another payment method involving real money. Knowing the limits can be intriguing, as it influences the choice individuals make when it comes to their preferred method of payment.

To give you a comprehensive understanding of the denominations available for prepaid cards, our team of experts has compiled a convenient table below. It presents a clear overview of the payment amounts for online gambling purposes, enabling you to easily discern the options at hand.

  • 5 $
  • 10 $
  • 15 $
  • 50 $
  • 100 $

However, it is possible to gather all the vouchers one possesses using MyNeosurf. On MyNeosurf, they are stored as a single amount. Where can Neosurf be used? From MyNeosurf, payments can then be made at all participating online casinos and online stores. The Neosurf website provides general information about online stores, online games, gambling, and financial services!

Neosurf Casino 1 Euro

The finest Neosurf casinos also allow for deposits as low as one euro. Those who may believe that playing in a casino with just one euro is impossible, let alone winning, are greatly mistaken. If one chooses the right slot game that can be played with minimal stakes, they can indeed have fun with just 1 euro.

Examples of slots with a $0.01 wager:

Spiel Software particularities
Book of Dead Play’n Go Free spins, risk game, expanding symbols.
Starburst NetEnt 10 lines (both ways), expanding symbols, Respin Wild
Ghost Pirates NetEnt Free spins, 243 lines, animated symbols.
Pure Platinum Games Global Multiplier, free spins, luxurious symbols
Galactic Gems PG Soft Bonus Respin Feature, 3125 lines, swapping stones

Neosurf Casino 10 Euro

The most common form of Neosurf casino deposit is $10, which can be found in many gambling establishments. Generally, operators have set a minimum deposit of $10, not only for this payment method but also for e-wallets, credit cards, mobile payments, cryptocurrencies, and many other options. The $10 limit also applies to withdrawals at most gambling providers, which is very convenient. This allows players to request small amounts using alternative payment options such as an e-wallet. Tip: However, there are some Neosurf 5 Euro casinos available as well!

Neosurf customer support

If you encounter any issues with deposits or withdrawals at the casino or in general, you can reach out to the customer support team directly. The customer support team is there to assist you with any questions or problems you may have. If Neosurf isn't functioning properly, you can easily access the FAQ section on the website or use the contact form to get in touch with support. Our tests have shown that they respond relatively quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that arise. They also provide assistance when it comes to purchasing this payment method online! In the frequently asked questions section, there is an entire chapter dedicated to purchasing prepaid cards.

A few Neosurf Casino tips:

List Neosurf Casino Tips

When it comes to playing at the casino, there are several strategies that can give players a slight advantage over the house. We have once again compiled a concise list of these tips, which you can utilize during your gameplay. Rest assured that by implementing these suggestions, you can enhance your chances of success against the casino. Feel free to refer to this comprehensive guide whenever you engage in casino games.

  • Definitely claim a bonus to unlock exclusive rewards! Doing so will grant you complimentary spins and additional credit for your Neosurf transactions, which can be used for gameplay. Make the most of this opportunity by enjoying the benefits of free play and extra funds to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Try out the entire range of games in the casino. Don't always play the same games.

  • Different games have different RTP values. So, make sure to check the payout rate of the games beforehand.

  • Casinos offer newsletters that are regularly sent by the casino provider, containing bonus codes.

Suspension of the Neosurf account

As previously mentioned, when it comes to this payment method, there is no account involved, unlike a credit card. Instead, you purchase a prepaid card directly at the store using cash, credit cards, e-wallets, and the like. Once you've obtained it, the card becomes valid instantly! You can then use it to make deposits, for instance, at Neosurf Casinos. If your voucher card ever gets stolen, you can reach out to the support team through the live chat. They will proceed to block the card just like a credit card and provide you with further assistance. In case your prepaid card gets damaged, rest assured that the support team will take care of you.

The further development of Neosurf

Neosurf continuously evolves to keep up with the ever-advancing world. Cybercriminals and other wrongdoers never rest, which is why Neosurf continually enhances its prepaid cards and complete payment system to provide customers with ample security and trust. Moreover, there are upcoming features that Neosurf eagerly plans to unveil to its customers as soon as possible. The journey of Neosurf's development is far from over, and there is still so much more to come.

Interesting Facts about Neosurf

Neo-Surf is quite a cool payment method, similar to e-wallets. We've compiled a list of some fascinating facts for you to know. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

  • You can use the payment method to make purchases at various online stores including Amazon, League of Legends, PokerStars, and more.
  • More than 20,000 websites on the internet operate using this payment method.
  • The payment method was specifically designed for playing in Neosurf casinos, among other purposes.
  • Neosurf annually hosts a League of Legends tournament.


After carefully selecting the top operators offering Neosurf as a payment method, we can now draw a conclusion about this payment option. Neosurf is highly suitable for playing at an online casino, as the method prioritizes anonymity. As a player, you have the option to purchase a prepaid card from a local supermarket and use it to play at a casino, without having to provide any personal information or bank details. If you value anonymity, then this is the perfect choice for you! Additionally, the best online casinos accepting Neosurf also offer generous casino bonuses. New players, in particular, should consider registering for the welcome bonus.


Below, you will find a compilation of fascinating resources that we utilized as references while composing this article. Feel free to explore these links for further insights into the payment method.


  • Which is the best Neosurf online casino?

    You can find the top-rated Neosurf online casino by referring to our ranking list. However, all the casinos listed are reputable and trustworthy establishments. So, you have the freedom to choose from various casinos and are not obligated to play at the number one spot, even if there is a bonus code available for it.

  • Where can I pay with Neosurf?

    More than 200,000 stores worldwide accept payments through Neosurf, making it not only a viable option for deposits in top Neosurf casinos but also a convenient method for purchasing a variety of goods. With this payment option, not only is the excitement of gaming guaranteed, but also the ability to shop for countless other items. Further information can be found on the Neosurf website.

  • Can I pay with Neosurf using my mobile phone?

    To utilize Neosurf in a casino, the first step is to purchase a card. You have the option to buy these vouchers either in person or online. Certain merchants even provide the convenience of mobile payments for players. Therefore, you can acquire Neosurf credit by utilizing your mobile device.

  • How does Neosurf work?

    Neosurf vouchers, essentially, are nothing more than prepaid cards that you can redeem at various online casinos. To complete the deposit, all you need to do is enter the code found on the back of the card. That's it, your transaction is done!

  • Is it possible to purchase Neosurf vouchers online?

    Certainly, you have the option to purchase a Neosurf voucher online! Various outlets offer the opportunity to acquire a voucher through e-wallets, mobile payments, PayPal, and more. Additionally, you can choose different amounts ranging from 5 $ to 100 $ for online payments, ensuring that you are well-equipped for your live dealer casino experience.

  • What is a MyNeosurf account?

    You can create a Neosurf account as well. It is called MyNeosurf. There, you have an overview of all your vouchers directly in your account. However, withdrawals are not yet possible due to missing payment details.

  • How can I make payments with Neosurf?

    Neosurf has become widely popular as a payment method nowadays. Thus, not only can you use Neosurf to pay at online casinos, but you can also conveniently make purchases through various online shops using your mobile phone.

  • In which casino can I make payments using Neosurf?

    Neosurf can now be utilized for transactions in virtually every online casino. We have compiled an extensive list of casinos on our website where you can make payments using Neosurf credit. Prior to engaging in gameplay, you can acquire essential information from there, detailing everything you need to consider.

  • Where can I redeem Neosurf?

    Neosurf has gained widespread popularity beyond online casinos as well. This implies that the Neosurf card can be used not only for player welcome bonuses but also in online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Bebloom, and even games like League of Legends.

  • Is it possible to purchase Neosurf online?

    There are various websites where you can purchase Neosurf cards online. To do so, all you have to do is search for prepaid cards for online casinos and you will quickly find many results and information on which shops offer the service.

  • What is a Neosurf ticket?

    Neosurf payment method comes with various monikers, such as Neosurf Tickets, Neosurf Voucher, or even Neosurf Prepaid Cards. Essentially, they all serve the same purpose, even if the names may differ.

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