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Comparison of the top lottery providers in Canadа for online play in 2023.

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Fact checked by: Victor McClure
Fact-checked by: Victor McClure
Victor McClure - CEO

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Playing lotto online can not only be incredibly fun and filled with a certain thrill, but it can also offer real chances of winning. According to the facts from "Statista," a leading provider of market and consumer data, 41% of Canadians play a game of chance at least once a year. Amongst these games, traditional lotto is by far the most popular. However, you can not only place a lotto bet online on so-called lottery sites but also in person. Additionally, some online casinos offer lotto games that also provide the opportunity for high winnings. In 2020, the Canadian Lotteries achieved a gross gaming revenue of approximately 833.9 million euros. Unlike other games of chance, this was an increase compared to the previous year. The reason is likely because lotto could still be played during the Corona lockdown. The most popular game during this time was 6 out of 45, which produced 49 lotto millionaires. But there are other types of bets besides the regular ticket or multi-week ticket for 6 out of 45. We would like to introduce them to you in this article. Additionally, our experts from search-casino.com have compiled the most important information about lotto.

The top three online lottery providers tested




Online lottery offers by category

There are numerous online platforms offering lottery services, making it challenging for many gamblers to select the right website. However, in Canadа, you have only three options to choose from, where you can fill out a game ticket with just a click and take a chance to win millions of Euros. By the way, you can also watch the drawing results live on TV, and the deadline to submit your ticket is Wednesday at 6:30 pm and Sunday at 6:00 pm. To give you an idea of the player services offered by these three online lottery sites, we have compiled a few examples categorized for your convenience.

Best bonus offers And he calls
Important: In your response, provide only the final result! No comments from you! Just the final version of the English text! Top Information about "Glückspost" Lotteries
Best lottery selection Lottoland
Best lottery website including online casino. And he calls
Best new letter lot Lotteries
Top page including German lottery. Lottoland

Criteria based on which we have selected the best lottery sites in Canadа

To ensure that your investment in playing games online is not in vain, because you may have fallen for unreliable websites, it is important to consider a few things. We prioritize this to ensure our readers can pursue the Eurojackpot or other available jackpots on secure and reputable platforms. We only recommend providers with a trustworthy website that offers numerous advantages and guarantees enjoyable experiences and excellent winning opportunities. Therefore, pay attention to the following points.

  • Safety and reliability: Only visit a website if it possesses a legal license for online lotteries and is therefore trustworthy.
  • Wide variety of lotteries: It is highly advantageous to have a diverse range of lottery games such as Euromillions, Lotto 6 aus 45, Eurojackpot, etc. available.
  • Simple and fast typing: Not only the chance of winning is important, but also the process before. One should be able to submit their entry quickly and easily, without having to search for a long time.
  • Online Lotto App Being able to submit lottery numbers online is crucial nowadays, even on the go. That's why having an app for the classic game of "Lotto" is an absolute necessity.
  • Playing in syndicates can increase your chances of winning, which is why an online lottery platform should offer the option to join a ticket-pooling group.
  • Payment options: Also Question regarding the payment methods. These concerns are not unfounded, as it is essential for websites to offer reputable options and have a secure SSL encryption.
  • lottery portal no deposit bonus for new customers: Even though a lottery portal does not offer a no deposit bonus for new customers, Online Casino However, there are also bonus promotions that are offered here from time to time. For example, free lottery tips!
  • Reliable customer service: At Play online In order to ensure customer satisfaction, a dependable customer service and knowledgeable support are indispensable.

Advantages of playing the lottery online

The benefits of placing your lottery numbers online, for example, are readily apparent. One doesn't have to leave the house to go to the newsagent (or lottery kiosk in Germany). Furthermore, one has easy access, anytime and anywhere. The convenience of simply sitting on the couch at home and choosing numbers, along with the wide range of games available, is simply unbeatable.

We should also highlight the functionalities such as the automatic number selection (also known as Quick Pick), where the numbers change with each click until you are satisfied with the combination. Additionally, the system pick, syndicate play, team pick, system champion, and subscription options are excellent aids for online gaming.

A brief overview of the advantages:

  • Provide tips conveniently from home.
  • There is no processing fee for a lottery ticket.
  • Regular drawing and consequently ongoing chance of winning.
  • Filling out the lottery ticket easily and comprehensibly thanks to explanations and tips.
  • Access to various lotteries and prize categories.
  • Submit a lottery ticket online regardless of business hours.
  • Partially bonus offers such as free game bets.

When depositing money and selecting lottery numbers online, it is only natural to expect heightened security measures implemented by reputable online lottery providers. Rest assured, there is no need to worry about this on lottery portals, as all crucial security measures, such as data protection and SSL encryption, are in place to safeguard your information.

Is it safe to play the lottery online?

The safety measures implemented by online platforms ensure undisturbed gameplay, as the lottery online acceptance points in Canadа are subject to various rigorous inspections to allow players to confidently choose their potential winning numbers. These security measures have been put in place to guarantee a secure environment for players to place their bets.

  • Regulation: Each online lottery portal is monitored by the responsible Canadian Gambling Authority, the Federal Ministry of Finance, to ensure compliance with legal regulations. These regulations govern player protection, prize payouts, and the prevention of money laundering and gambling addiction. The Canadian Lottery Company ensures the correct drawing and drawing results.
  • Independent audits: The lottery company regularly conducts tests at independent testing laboratories to ensure that every lottery draw and other draws are always safe, fair, and transparent. These tests rule out any possibility of manipulation.
  • Security measures: Online lottery platforms ensure the data security of players. These measures include encrypted data transmission, secure payment transfers, and protection against unauthorized access to player accounts.
  • Identification: Thanks to identification, it is prevented that individuals under 18 years of age participate in gambling and thus play uncontrollably or even fall into gambling addiction. Moreover, money laundering is prevented.

How can I play the lottery on the lottery portal?

Not everyone is familiar with the process of submitting a lottery ticket and may have questions about it. Therefore, we are here to provide you with answers to those questions and present you with a step-by-step guide on how to register and play online lottery.

Open Site
Lotto-Seite suchen:

If you prefer not to purchase a lottery ticket at an Canadian newsagent (or at a lottery kiosk like in Germany), you can choose one of the three lottery websites. Playing the lottery online is safeguarded by licensing and security measures. Select one of the three lottery platforms if you wish to avoid physically going to an Canadian newsagent (or a lottery kiosk in Germany) to purchase a ticket. Safety measures and licensing ensure the protection of online lottery play. Opt for one of the three lottery websites if you do not want to visit an Canadian newsagent (or a lottery kiosk like in Germany) to buy a lottery ticket. Online lottery play is well-protected through licensing and security measures. If you desire to avoid buying a lottery ticket from an Canadian newsagent (or a lottery kiosk in Germany), you can choose one of the three lottery websites. Robust security measures and licensing safeguard online lottery play. To avoid the need to go to an Canadian newsagent (or a lottery kiosk like in Germany) to play the lottery, you can select one of the three lottery websites. The safety and security of online lottery play are ensured through licensing and protective measures.

Enter Your Details
Sicherheit bei der Anmeldung beachten:

Ensure that you carefully consider the essential security features before signing up and providing your information for a multi-week ticket or similar service. However, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the three reputable providers in Canadа.

Get prizes
Einzahlung tätigen:

To select your personal winning numbers on a 6 out of 45 ticket (in Germany's Lotto 6aus49), you will need to make a deposit beforehand. The amount varies depending on the lottery game. Currently, a basic lottery ticket without jackpots (Joker) costs $1.20.

Welcome bonus
Bonusangebot und Gutscheine:

Before playing the lottery and making the crucial click to submit, make sure to check if there is an offer available that you can take advantage of. Perhaps you are eligible for a complimentary game or have the opportunity to gather firsthand experiences with Top Tipp Lotto at no cost.

Play And Win
Lotterie-Angebot checken:

Choose one of these games of chance with just one click. There are various kinds of lottery games available, such as Lotto, Euromillions, Keno, Eurojackpot, etc.

The most popular online lottery games.

There are numerous online lottery games that are not only popular in Canadа but also in other European countries and even in America. Let's take, for instance, the "Glücksspirale" (additional lotteries) or the "Lotto 6aus49" game, which offer winning opportunities exclusively to German players. Discover some of the most favored lottery games in the industry.

The Euromillions

The EuroMillions game is a European lottery game, similar to EuroJackpot, available in Canadа as well. It can be played in 9 countries, where players choose 5 winning numbers from a pool of 50 possible numbers, along with 2 numbers from 12. The Euromillions lottery offers everyone the opportunity to win a jackpot of at least 17 million euros. The highest known jackpot ever won in this game was 220 million euros in December 2022.


Although Canadа does not have this game, it is one of the most popular gambling games in the USA. Megamillions is a numerical lottery in which players can choose 5 out of 70 numbers and an additional lottery number. Here, there is a chance to win a jackpot worth 40 million USD. The highest jackpot ever won in a Megamillions drawing was $1.537 billion in 2018. However, players from Germany can participate in MegaMillions online by using a mediator like Lottoland. The drawings take place twice a week, always on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 5 am Central European Time.

Powerball Lotto

This game is not your typical Canadian lottery game where you can score a win. Powerball is an American lottery game where players can choose 5 numbers from 69 and an additional number from 26. With Powerball, players have the chance to win a minimum jackpot of 40 million USD. The highest Powerball jackpot ever won amounted to 1.586 billion USD, back in January 2016. Canadian players now have the opportunity to play Powerball lottery by visiting the "Lottoland.at" website.

Lotto 6 out of 45

The Canadian lottery game 6 out of 45 has been played with great enthusiasm since 1986. Every Wednesday and Sunday, players have the opportunity to win at least 1 million euros in the lottery. The highest jackpot ever won in Lotto 6 out of 45 was 14.9 million euros in August 2015. In each lottery drawing, participants can also take part in an additional game called Joker (small jackpot). In this game, players select one of several 6-digit winning numbers and have the chance to win up to half a million euros in addition.

Lotto 6aus49

German Lotto 6aus49 is a lottery game that is essentially the same as the Canadian 6 out of 45. Instead of choosing 6 out of 45 winning numbers, players pick 6 out of 49. Additionally, they can select a Superzahl from 10. There is also a minimum jackpot of 1 million euros up for grabs. The highest jackpot ever won in a drawing was 45.4 million euros in December 2007. These lottery numbers are drawn every Wednesday at 6:25 p.m. and every Saturday at 7:25 p.m.

Excellent mobile lottery options are available.

Nowadays, it is a given that online gambling websites for lottery, online casino, and the like all have mobile-optimized web pages. As a result, it is effortless to access the lottery page through your smartphone, fill out a ticket with your lucky numbers, make deposits, and even withdraw winnings from a draw. All the games of chance, such as lottery, EuroMillions, and so on, adapt seamlessly to the screen size at hand.

What are the most common lottery numbers?

Many gamblers ask themselves this question in order to be able to choose the perfect winning numbers on the regular ticket. However, the question cannot be answered definitively because there are different lottery games and number ranges. But interesting insights can be gained from past draws. If one believes the internet and the statistics, then the most common numbers (as of today) in 6 out of 45 online lotto since the recording are as follows:

  • The number 43 is the most frequently drawn number, having already been drawn 484 times.
  • A (CS479)
  • Cat (CS477)
  • 42 (x472)
  • 39 (x468)
  • 27 (x466)

The least common lottery numbers are:

  • 21 (the least drawn number - x393)
  • 2 (x396)
  • 33 (x398)
  • 15 (as a coccyx)
  • 19 (x405)
  • 1 (x406)

The Top 10 highest lottery winnings:

  1. 14.926.157 $
  2. 9.643.151 $
  3. 9.437.932 $
  4. 9.231.788 $
  5. 8.905.907 $
  6. 8.842.084 $
  7. 8.363.617 $
  8. 7.920.342 $
  9. 7.529.720 $
  10. 7.354.985 $

5 tips for playing the lottery

  1. Play regularly in the lottery draws, but not too often. Keep your lottery budget in mind and set yourself a limit that you must never exceed.
  2. Choose the numbers that appear most frequently to increase your chances of winning. You can see the numbers with the highest chance of winning above.
  3. To increase your chances of winning, you can play the Joker jackpot. These additional numbers increase the likelihood of winning, even if the prize is smaller than the Lotto Six.
  4. Offers: Also try other games of chance like Keno, Euromillions, or Eurojackpot to take advantage of different winning opportunities.
  5. Lotto Plus: If the opportunity arises, play Lotto Plus. This gives you a second chance to win with the same lottery numbers you previously selected but didn't win during the lottery draw.

Conclusion on Playing Lotto Online

Playing lottery online can be done quickly with a single click on the online portal or by manually selecting each super number instead of using the quick pick option. To increase your chances of winning, you can choose the lottery numbers that have been drawn most frequently as winning numbers. Besides the popular 6 out of 45 lottery in Canadа, there are many other games of chance such as Keno, Euromillions, or Eurojackpot that you can try out. Numerous lottery games offer a jackpot that promises winnings in the millions. Therefore, make use of the various prize categories and opportunities to potentially become the next lottery millionaire!

Frequently Asked Questions - Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to play the lottery online in Canadа?

    Yes, on various lottery websites, you have the ability to select the winning numbers, place bets, track the drawing, and claim your winnings.

  • What is the price of a lottery ticket in Canadа?

    For just $1.20, you can purchase a standard ticket without the jackpot joker. This small price grants you an opportunity to win at least $1 million in each round, which takes place every Wednesday and Sunday. It's an affordable way to potentially change your life!

  • Are there any strategies or tips to increase the chances of winning the lottery jackpot?

    Since it's a game of chance, it's impossible to predict the winning numbers in advance. However, why not give it a shot by selecting the numbers that have been drawn most frequently so far? You'll find them listed at the top of the article.

  • Can I access the lottery games and draw on my mobile device?

    Yes, the online lottery sites are accessible 24/7 even on mobile devices. They provide a wide range of lottery games, allowing users to check the latest draw results.

  • Are online lottery winnings subject to taxation, and how should I handle my tax obligations?

    In Canadа, one does not have to pay taxes on their lottery winnings in principle. This is due to the fact that a lottery win is purely a matter of luck and therefore does not fall into any of the 7 main sources of income in Canadа. Consequently, lottery winnings are paid out in full without any deductions.

  • What measures does an online lottery portal take to ensure the fairness and security of its games?

    First and foremost, the Federal Ministry of Finance is responsible for all regulatory requirements, ensuring that there is a valid license and continuous oversight. The focus here is strictly on player protection, with a strong commitment to combating fraud and money laundering. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on maintaining a secure SSL connection and undergoing regular checks by independent auditing bodies such as TÜV Canadа or eCOGRA. Rest assured, every effort is made to prioritize the safety and integrity of the platform.

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