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MGA Casino Experience 2023 - The top online casino for Canadian players

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Canadа has a special affinity for MGA casinos, as they are considered among the most secure gambling enterprises in the world. With a casino license from the Malta Gaming Authority, players can be confident that a casino provider has undergone rigorous scrutiny and poses no risk of fraud. This is why MGA casinos are highly popular in Canadа, providing a safe and trustworthy environment for players to enjoy their favorite games without any concerns.

This article will delve deeper into the various aspects of an Canadian MGA Casino. We will discuss the general information that will help you as a player, guide you on how to identify a reputable casino website, and highlight the advantages of an online casino licensed in Malta. Enjoy reading!

In 2023, an online casino with an MGA license will be available.

As our loyal readers have come to expect, our experts have compiled a list of the top online casinos licensed in Malta for you to play. This way, you won't have to spend a long time searching for the right provider and can start playing and claiming your bonus right away. What's more, these providers are unquestionably reputable.

Online Casino Evaluation Bonus Payout Payment methods Spielen
1 31 houses 31Bet Casino

31Bet Casino


100% up to $1000

0-24 h

paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo neteller Logo immediately logo Bank Transfer
2 Spin Galaxy Spin Galaxy Casino

Spin Galaxy Casino



0-24 h

paysafecard Logo visa logo neosurf Logo mastercard Logo Eps Apple Pay Logo Skrill Logo neteller Logo
3 SlotHunter Casino Logo SlotHunter Casino

SlotHunter Casino


250% up to $3,000 + 250 FS

0-24 h

paysafecard Logo visa logo neosurf Logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo
4 Turbic Casino Logo Turbico Casino

Turbico Casino


200% up to $333 + 300 FS

0-24 h

paysafecard Logo visa logo neosurf Logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro Skrill Logo Logo lives on
5 Gioo Logo Gioo Casino

Gioo Casino


225% up to $1,000 + 250 FS

0-24 h

paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Skrill Logo Logo lives on Mifinity Logo neteller Logo immediately logo
6 Casinorex Casino Rex

Casino Rex


1000 $ + 100 FS

0-24 h

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Online Casino Malta 2023: Ratings, Links, and License Number

To provide you with an initial comprehensive overview of the top 10 online casinos in Canadа that hold a license from Malta, our team of experts has compiled the following table. This table aims to give you a clear understanding right from the start.

Online Casino license number
Slot Hunter Casino MGA/B2C/394/2017
Netbet Casino MGA/B2C/126/2006
Turbico Casino MGA/B2C/394/2017
N1 Casino MGA/B2C/394/2017
Gioo Casino MGA/B2C/394/2017
Casinobuck MGA/B2C/394/2017
Casino Rex MGA/B2C/394/2017
Wild Fortune Casino MGA/B2C/394/2017
invitation lyrics MGA/CL4/184/2004


What is the MGA?

When referring to the MGA, it always means the Malta Gaming Authority. This is the gambling authority from Malta, responsible for issuing licenses for gambling companies based in Malta to operate in Canadа, provided that the operator meets the required conditions.

The MGA license from Malta is considered particularly secure in the online casino industry in Canadа by both players and experts. This is because the MGA imposes strict requirements on the operator, which must be met. These requirements include the highest safety standards and specific conditions regarding available payment methods and user-friendly functionality. It is widely acknowledged that the MGA license guarantees a safe and enjoyable online casino experience for players in Canadа.

Is an online casino with a Malta license safe?

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is widely recognized by experts and players as an extremely reputable authority that can be trusted when it comes to gambling. If a gambling provider holds a license from Malta, it is considered 100% legitimate and reliable. This has remained unchanged for Canadа in recent years as well. Therefore, it still holds true today that an online casino with a Maltese license meets the highest standards, ensuring that customer accounts, bets, slot machines, and bonuses are all handled with utmost transparency and trustworthiness. We will delve into the specific security measures implemented by the authority for all providers in a paragraph below.

Here is what you should know about the Malta Casino License.

If you visit online casinos that hold a reputable license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), you are playing in some of the safest online casinos available. This gaming authority is well-regarded in the online gaming industry for establishing strict guidelines for operators, which ultimately benefits the players. But who is responsible for overseeing this regulatory body?

Commission Malta Gaming Authority
Head office: Building SCM 02-03, located on Level 4 of SmartCity Malta at Ricasoli SCM1001, is a remarkable structure in Malta.
Founded: 2001
Chairman: Ryan Pace
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: (+)356 2546 9000
Website: mga.org.mt

These are the responsibilities of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Prior to 2015, the organization was known as the "Lotteries and Gaming Authority," but it was later rebranded as the "Malta Gaming Authority" (MGA). Renowned for its rigorous scrutiny of gambling activities and commitment to player safety, the gaming authority ensures that obtaining a gambling license is no easy feat. This is why the best MGA casinos offer players a secure environment coupled with a delightful gaming experience. But what exactly does the authority do? Allow us to share this information with you.

  • License: The main focus is on the awarding of the gambling license for lotteries, online casinos, and other gambling providers.
  • Child protection: Minors must be protected and therefore must not be under 18 years old. This must be verified through a verification process at the casino.
  • After obtaining the license, the operators of surveillance will be subjected to ongoing monitoring and control.
  • Security: Ensuring the safety of customers during gameplay and the fairness of the games offered is imperative.
  • Schutz: Preserving players' rights and ensuring the safety of customer funds is crucial.
  • Gambling Addiction: Monitoring Compliance with Responsible Gambling to Prevent Gambling Addiction.
  • Fraud: Specific procedures and controls are implemented to prevent fraud and money laundering.
  • Charity: The "Responsible Gaming Foundation," "GamingMalta," and the "European Gaming Institute of Malta" are three projects established in 2014 by the Maltese gambling authority.
  • Complaints: The MGA also provides assistance for player complaints.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations

Preventing illicit financial activities within licensed casinos is not only a key focus of the MGA, but it also plays a crucial role in their responsibilities. The MGA ensures compliance with Anti Money Laundering regulations (AML) to mitigate the occurrence of such activities in casinos operating under the Casino MGA License. For detailed information regarding these regulations, please refer to the general terms and conditions (AGB) of the respective online casino.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is actively engaged in preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Since 1989, casinos holding Malta licenses have implemented all necessary procedures to combat money laundering effectively. In order to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, the MGA is obligated to scrutinize these measures across all license holders.

Advantages and disadvantages of MGA casino platforms in Canadа

Now that we have covered several aspects of playing at a casino with a Malta license and you have gained an understanding, it is time for a brief summary in the form of an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of playing at such a casino. This will give you a quick glimpse into the strengths and weaknesses of the operator and allow you to decide whether you would like to play at such a casino.


  • The license is valid for all areas of the casino, including video poker, live casino, table games, and video slots.
  • Thanks to being regulated by the most reputable gambling authority in the EU, MGA casinos are highly esteemed and popular among players.
  • Online casinos meet the highest security standards in the European gambling market.
  • Player data is protected against cyber-attacks through additional security measures such as SSL encryption.
  • The licensing ensures the payout of all winnings and player funds.
  • Thanks to the wide range of different payment methods available for withdrawals and deposits, there is a suitable payment provider for everyone.
  • The Malta Gaming Authority acts as a contact point for complaints and disputes, offering assistance.
  • The funds of players are kept separate from the assets of online casinos in a casino with MGA licensing.
  • The login, with details such as first name, address, email address, phone number, etc., operates through a secure URL. This ensures the protection of your data.
  • The casino bonus offers on an MGA online gambling site are fantastic. There is a 100% welcome bonus + free spins, a 25% cashback bonus, newsletter bonuses, and many other deposit bonuses like the bonus code.
  • All deposits and withdrawals of winnings are processed quickly and delivered securely to the player through verification. Typically, a withdrawal takes a maximum of three days.


  • The MGA license for online casinos is only recognized within the European Union.
  • All information on the website and communication are in English. Therefore, if you are an Canadian or German player, you must be able to understand the language or use a translator.

If anyone had any doubts before, they can clearly see from this list that the advantages of a casino with a Maltese license far outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to playing in large numbers. Therefore, we strongly recommend our readers to give playing in such a casino a try at least once. All the arguments support it.

What types of gambling licenses are available in Malta?

There are two options to obtain a Malta casino license, namely two types of licenses. On one hand, there is the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) license, and on the other hand, the B2B (Business-to-Business) license. Most EU online casinos possess both licenses granted by the MGA. However, the licensures are also categorized into four different classes.

  • Class 1: Casino providers with this license bear the complete financial risk themselves. Here, one can find all casino games, including slots, table games, and live casino games. Additionally, skill games and online lotteries are possible under this class.
  • Class 2: These gambling providers also bear the full financial risk themselves. However, this class includes sports betting and all games of chance with fixed odds.
  • Class 3: Operators of peer-to-peer betting exchanges and poker casinos, as well as other gaming portals, fall under this category. These providers receive a percentage-based commission on the bets placed by users on their platforms. compensation for the provision or promotion of gambling websites, such as through affiliate links or other marketing opportunities.
  • Class 4: The gambling license is intended for casino software manufacturers (such as NetEnt, Playtech, etc.). With this license, they can offer all games from their portfolio on various websites, but they are not allowed to operate an online casino site themselves.
  • From Class 1 to Class 4: These licensees offer Class 1 casino games (as mentioned above), but on a third platform with an MGA license (in accordance with Class 4).
  • Providers advertising their gambling site from Malta, but offering it on a Class 4 platform with an MGA license, transition from Class 3 to Class 4.

Interested individuals can apply for various different licenses, requiring the submission of different documents. These documents, containing names and additional information, will then be thoroughly examined by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Only when all regulatory requirements have been met will the prospective casino providers be granted a license. For more detailed information on the classes, please refer to the Malta Gaming Authority website directly. There is no live chat option, but there is a telephone number and email address available.

The finest MGA Casino for Canadа

Our team of specialists has compiled an inventory of the finest online casinos that hold a license granted by the gambling authority. By doing so, you can forego the arduous task of searching for a suitable provider and immediately select the top-notch option available. Rest assured, all providers have undergone thorough scrutiny to ensure their reliability and you will be rewarded with a generous casino bonus upon signing up before indulging in gameplay.

Canadа SlotHunter Casino 4.5 / 5 250% up to $3,000 + 250 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24

"Eps" "Maestro"

Protecting players from fraud

Just like any reputable gambling authority, the MGA's primary responsibility is to protect players in online casinos from fraud by operators. Player protection is a crucial aspect, especially in the realm of online casinos, where anyone can visit a casino website and any operator can easily set up a website. Given the multitude of risks players face when it comes to deposits, sports betting, live games, and other forms of gambling, it is of utmost importance that the gambling authority takes its task very seriously. This is indeed the case with the MGA, as it is a renowned and well-established authority that fully embraces its role.

To ensure the safety of players during deposits and live games, the MGA implements stringent guidelines to prevent betting fraud. For instance, every operator running their casino with a customer account under the MGA must submit a report on the betting processes at slot machines every six months. Included in this report are various aspects such as:

  • Have suspicious activities been detected in sports betting?
  • Do these activities occur more frequently?
  • Is there a specific pattern?
  • Which sports betting offer is affected by the activities?
  • Are certain accounts associated with the provider's activities?

In addition to this catalog, gambling providers operating their gambling business with a Maltese license must also integrate the Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism on their website since 01.01.2021. This technique is designed to uncover suspicious behavior in sports betting even faster than the reports. Many manipulations have already been prevented and the gambling sector has become much more reputable as a result. This not only benefits the players but also the gambling provider, who can expect recommendations from visitors on review portals.

However, providers are also protected by a license from Malta: In all countries of the world, especially in Canadа, it is necessary for a provider of slot machines, sports betting, and all other bets to have a valid gambling license. If they cannot provide this during an inspection, they may face significant penalties. Thus, the license ensures that the operator is acting in accordance with the law.

Online casinos with an MGA casino license must meet strict criteria.

In order for players to securely log in, play, and take advantage of bonus offers in MGA casinos, operators must first meet certain criteria set by the authority. The online casinos with a Malta license must fulfill extremely high regulations before they can claim a license. Not only are the casino operators and the business itself controlled through a compliance audit, but all compliance standards are also scrutinized. Furthermore, an exhaustive internal audit (system audit) is carried out by an authority. This ensures that the MGA guarantees players access to only the best casino bonus offers, including free spins, gambling games, and deposit and withdrawal methods. Additionally, there are several fees to be paid for a casino MGA license – we have provided a few examples.

New license Application for the online gambling license. 5.000 $
Annual License Fee Calculated annually $25,000 + $10,000 for class 4
License renewal Applying for renewal 5.000 $
Transfer of License For each license 1.500 $
Transfer of Shares Applying for consent 1.500 $
Additions: multiple license classes The fee is dependent on the gross gaming revenue. up to $35,000
Compliance Hand over 0,4 bis 4 %

How long has the MGA license been in existence?

The Malta Gaming Authority has been in existence since 2001. It is one of the most respected gambling authorities in the online gaming market and oversees various forms of gambling such as land-based casinos, slot machines like "Book of Dead," betting shops and bookmakers, lotteries, and of course, online casinos. The gambling sector has become a significant economic factor for the people of Malta.

Malta, an island with a total area of 316 km² and approximately 520,000 inhabitants, holds a significant position in the EU's gambling industry. Nowadays, the MGA is widely regarded as the most reputable gambling authority in the market. According to our information, all European casino experts in the industry share this opinion. When conducting evaluations, we are always delighted to see online casinos holding an MGA license. This is because we know that they prioritize safety, reliability, and trustworthiness, ensuring that our readers can feel secure as players.

How can one tell if an Canadian casino has an MGA license?

There are numerous online casinos with casino licenses in the world and also in the European gambling market. But how can a German or Canadian layperson recognize that they are opening an account in an MGA casino? At the end of the webpage of the top online casinos with bonuses for new and loyal players, you will always find information about the authority that issued the license. Additionally, the license number is also provided, allowing you to locate the casino provider with the authority.

When can the Malta Gaming Authority assist players?

In the best MGA casinos, misunderstandings or issues can occasionally arise. If you cannot resolve them through the provided contact, such as the live chat, you can turn to the licensing authority. You can find information about where to reach out to them on our website or directly on the MGA webpage. Whether it's regarding the payout of a win or another sensitive matter, the gambling authority can help resolve the problem. In exceptional cases, they may even threaten to revoke the casino's license.

For an optimal experience, it is highly recommended that you exclusively engage in reputable gambling establishments that offer fair deposit options, top-notch games, and bonus packages that include free spins, all while holding a valid license. Rest assured, our platform provides a comprehensive list of such casinos, which incidentally also boast exceptional payout rates. Each operator undergoes thorough scrutiny by our team, who meticulously assess the payment options, the welcome bonus package including free spins and additional perks, as well as the selection of slots, table games, and live casino offerings. With us, you will only find the crème de la crème of casinos catering to discerning players.

Here's how to quickly identify the top MGA casinos.

Through our extensive experience in evaluating online casinos, we have gained valuable insights and knowledge about the key factors to consider. However, our goal is to ensure that you too can identify reputable MGA casinos that offer fast deposits, generous payouts, live casino games, a 100% welcome bonus plus free spins, cashback rewards, entertaining video slots, and great winning opportunities.

  1. Look out for a casino that has a trustworthy MGA license, which can be found at the bottom of the website.
  2. Check the MGA license number on the official website of the Malta Gaming Authority.
  3. Check them out Payout ratio of various games So that you can maximize your payouts, enabling you to receive the highest possible amount.
  4. Pay attention to the wagering requirements for the 100% welcome bonus + free spins, as well as other bonuses such as cashback bonus or bonus code promotions.
  5. Look for slots that offer bonus games, jackpots, megaways, free spins, and other features. Read the information and analyze if all possess fair conditions.
  6. Examine the methods for depositing and withdrawing real money. The more transparent the options, the safer the payment process.
  7. Read reviews from other players about the casino on different platforms and forums. What are they saying about the welcome bonus, deposits, games, and other topics?

Here is how you can get in touch with the Malta Gaming Authority.

If you have any inquiries regarding the license of a provider because you find an online casino somewhat dubious or if you come across any inconsistency, you can certainly take the operator's contact as your initial step and inquire before proceeding with registration. This would be the quickest way to directly obtain information from the operator. However, keep in mind that if the operator is not reputable, they may not hesitate to provide you with false information and persuade you to register and make a deposit. Rest assured, you won't receive any bonuses for a game.

The most straightforward and secure method is, therefore, to directly inquire with the MGA about the nature of the operator. The responsibility of the gambling authority is, in fact, to provide you with information about providers, offer you safe alternatives, and ensure that you have a secure gaming experience at home in the online casino.

You can contact the MGA through the following channels:

  • By phone
  • About the website
  • Using the contact form

Using a contact form is the quickest and safest way to get in touch, as it allows you to receive a written response that you can refer back to later. However, please note that the MGA's reply may take some time, as the editor receives a large number of inquiries. Rest assured that your message will be attended to, but do bear in mind that there may be a delay in receiving a response.

To ensure a clear understanding of how the contact form process on the website works, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you. This comprehensive instruction will leave no room for error.


Open Site
Schritt 1

Visit the website of the MGA.

Enter Email Address
Schritt 2

Go to the section labeled "Lodge a complaint" in the menu.

Enter Your Details
Schritt 3

Fill in the necessary fields in the contact form. IMPORTANT: You must use English.

Explore The Terms
Schritt 4

Include supporting documents such as emails, phone call recordings, or screenshots to provide the claims handlers with a clear understanding of the matter at hand. This will enable them to have precise knowledge of the details involved.

Open Site
Schritt 5

Submit your request.


Once you've submitted the contact form, it's important to exercise a bit of patience, but rest assured, a response is guaranteed to come your way.

Here are the contact details of the Malta Gaming Authority summarized for your convenience. Let's wrap up with this valuable information:

Contact type Information
Post Malta Gaming Authority is located at Building SCM 02-03, Level 4, SmartCity Malta, Ricasoll SCM1001, Malta.
Telephone +356 2546 9000
contact form https://www.mga.org.mt/player-hub/lodge-a-complaint


What other well-known licensing authorities exist in the European Union?

Based on our extensive and long-standing research, it has come to our attention that there are several other licensing providers besides the MGA. It remains true that an online casino with the esteemed licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority is considered the best option. However, this does not imply that one cannot play securely on other platforms with different licenses. On these platforms, you will also find a wide range of slots, live casino games, table games, and enticing bonus offers such as cashback and free spins. Moreover, you can rest assured that deposits and withdrawals can be made securely. The guidelines in place may not be as stringent as those of MGA casinos. Below, we have compiled a list of URLs that will directly lead you to the licensing authorities.

The MGA's selection of the top three new online casinos.

Our team of experts has compiled the ultimate list of the hottest new online casinos that have recently acquired a license from the esteemed Malta Gaming Authority. With their seal of approval, you can trust that these casinos offer top-notch gaming experiences, a wide selection of games, and secure payment methods for hassle-free deposits and withdrawals. Don't miss out on the chance to explore these operators and claim your exclusive bonuses. It's time to dive in and experience the excitement for yourself!

Сasino Rating Bonus Website link
31 houses Canadа 31Bet Casino 4.6 / 5 100% up to $1000 + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • License granted by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Lots of jackpots
  • 24/7 Live Chat
paysafecard Logo visa logo mastercard Logo Skrill Logo Mifinity Logo neteller Logo +2 weitere
Spin Galaxy Canadа Spin Galaxy Casino 4.6 / 5 $1000 DEPOSIT BONUS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • The MGA grants a license.
  • Lots of bonus offers
  • Great VIP program
paysafecard Logo visa logo neosurf Logo mastercard Logo Eps Apple Pay Logo +5 weitere
SlotHunter Casino Logo Canadа SlotHunter Casino 4.5 / 5 250% up to $3,000 + 250 FS + -

Zalung Speed: 0 - 24h

  • Top video slots
  • Great range of games
  • Many payment methods available
  • Intuitive and clearly structured design.
paysafecard Logo visa logo neosurf Logo mastercard Logo Eps Maestro +7 weitere


10 tips for those who want to play immediately at an operator from the MGA Casino List.

  1. Take advantage of bonus offers such as a 100% welcome bonus that includes free spins. These will give you free, additional chances to win.
  2. Pay attention to the bonus terms and conditions as they contain valuable information about payout winnings.
  3. Winners want to cash out the money as quickly as possible, but don't forget to verify yourself beforehand.
  4. You can also play the slot machines for free. Take advantage of the provider's demo versions for that.
  5. Not only can you find ongoing promotions like a 25% cashback bonus at MGA Casino, but there are also VIP bonus promotions with numerous benefits.
  6. Sign up for the VIP Club or loyalty program, as they offer additional benefits, bonus offers, and cash prizes.
  7. Tournaments offer every player the opportunity to receive high winnings. Many MGA casinos often have tournaments with a pot of $1,000,000.
  8. If you need assistance, get in touch with customer service through the live chat for the fastest response.
  9. All MGA licensed casino providers provide information on responsible gambling. Utilize limit settings to avoid wagering too much real money.
  10. Take a look at our evaluation of the top casino providers and choose an online casino from our list that meets all the security criteria.

Conclusion on casinos licensed in Malta.

In the European Union, the most popular providers of gambling are online casinos holding a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This is because players can feel absolutely secure there, thanks to the stringent requirements imposed by the Maltese authority. Moreover, these casinos offer top bonus packages, including free spins, a fantastic range of games featuring slots, table games, and live casinos, as well as reliable payment methods. If you're unsure where to find an MGA casino, take a look at our list of top-rated casinos.



  • Which online casino has an MGA license?

    You can easily identify which casino holds a license from the MGA directly on the homepage. The provider must provide the license number before registration, either in the sidebar, footer, or terms and conditions.

  • Are online casinos with MGA licenses legal in Canadа?

    Indeed, thanks to the EU's freedom of services, all operators with a license from Malta are allowed to legally offer their games in Canadа as well. Often, you even receive a bonus for deposits and registration.

  • What is the MGA?

    The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is renowned as the most secure regulatory body in the gambling industry. Hence, registering at such online casinos ensures complete safety and peace of mind. MGA, the gambling authority from Malta, holds an esteemed reputation for ensuring utmost security within the realm of online gambling. Consequently, players can rest assured that their personal information and transactions are protected when they sign up at these reputable online casinos.

  • Is an online casino with MGA license trustworthy?

    Yes, these casinos meet the highest standards of security for customers' personal data and payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, they offer generous withdrawal limits and a range of attractive bonus promotions.

  • Are there any bonus offers at casinos with MGA licenses?

    Yes, every casino offers players a bonus when they register with the provider before playing. This can range from a welcome bonus to a deposit bonus. They also provide a loyalty bonus with a bonus code.

  • What payment methods are available in Malta Gaming Authority casinos?

    There is a wide variety of payment methods available at the MGA Casino. These options definitely include credit cards, e-wallets, Paysafecard, as well as cryptocurrencies. So, you have the freedom to choose your favorite payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

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A casino licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) offers certain advantages, although this does not imply that other licenses are inferior. Undoubtedly, when it comes to player safety, the MGA emerges as the clear winner. Casinos must adhere to strict guidelines before obtaining a license. Additionally, operators incur higher fees and payments, which only gambling providers who prioritize the right blend of entertainment and fairness for their customers are willing to invest in.

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