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Pay your A1 bill online: use your A1 mobile bill to make deposits in an online casino.

In this article, you will discover everything about paying online with A1 mobile billing. In the past, a mobile phone was only intended for making calls, but today, smartphones and tablets (e.g., Apple) have become indispensable in our daily lives. Nowadays, a mobile phone is primarily used for making purchases and payments with online retailers, downloading gaming apps from the App Gallery, using mobile parking services, subscribing to various services, and much more. We carry our smartphones everywhere and spend a significant amount of time looking down at our phone screens each day. These devices have become essential everyday helpers, providing us with the ability to pay our mobile bills directly online and easily tackle other challenges and utilize advantages by simply using our phones. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to pay for something instantly with A1 billing and settle the bill afterwards. You can find all this and more below.

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Editor: Roberta Spells

Last updated: March 15, 2023

Reading time: 8-10 min

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What is A1 anyway?

A1 is an Canadian brand that, like its competitor Magenta, offers mobile tariffs, internet and TV services, as well as smartphones and tablets. In Canadа, the brand is a leader in terms of mobile and landline contracts. It is also possible to sign up for internet contracts with the A1 service provider. The brand has grown so large that it now has its own payment service, even though Magenta has more customers. As a customer, you have the opportunity to engage in online shopping or purchase digital products directly through your mobile bill.

The company behind A1.

Let's take a closer look at the company behind A1. In this case, we are talking about Telekom Canadа, which has up to five million mobile and two million landline customers. This company is among the largest Canadian companies overall and one of the finest telecommunications companies worldwide. Furthermore, over 7,000 employees work for this telecommunications company. With an impressive revenue of 2.6 billion euros, it is also among the most profitable companies in all of Europe. So, if you are in need of a new contract for your mobile phone or internet at home, A1 is the perfect choice.

A1 Mastercard application - how to set up the app and why it is necessary.

With the A1 service provider's Mastercard, you can always have your credit card information on your mobile device and make payments as a user whenever you want. Easily and securely pay with Apple Pay (Apple App Store) or Google Pay (Google Play Store) without any issues, while keeping track of everything related to your credit card information through the A1 Mastercard app. Following a payment using the A1 credit card (for example, during online shopping), you will receive a push notification thanks to the online service. This further enhances the security of making payments with your A1 Mastercard.

Before embarking and utilizing the card, you have two alternatives. Cultivate trees and dedicate yourself to a worthy cause through your credit card transactions with the "A1 Priceless Planet Mastercard." Numerous contracted customers make use of this choice. Alternatively, you can acquire the "A1 Platinum Mastercard," like many contracted customers, which offers Mobil-Points and exclusive A1 benefits in addition. This option is unparalleled among other payment services.

No account switch is required with this offer since the billing of credit card transactions for contract customers is done directly through your current account. If necessary, you can also settle the monthly card statement (if the A1 bill is too high) using the A1 Mastercard installment payment option, spreading the payment over smaller monthly installments (thus paying the A1 bill at a later date, rather than all at once).

Once you sign up and join the ranks of our valued customers, you'll have complete control over your purchases, expenses, subscriptions, and payments. It's no wonder this card is regarded as the most convenient credit card in Canadа. Just head over to the App Gallery on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store online, initiate the download with a simple click of a button, and proceed with the registration. Rest assured, your shopping, financial management, and account administration will be a breeze with our services.

Cost overview:

A1 Platinum Mastercard The Mastercard known as A1 Priceless Planet offers unique benefits and experiences.
3.90 monthly 3.90 monthly

How does payment via A1 mobile phone bill work?

Paying bills through A1 is not a difficult task at all. It simply requires finding a suitable product either online or at a local store. Once the desired product (subscriptions, goods, etc.) has been found, one can make the purchase and provide their mobile number. In the subsequent bill (view A1 invoice online), the product needs to be included for payment, alongside the mobile plan. Rest assured, this process is straightforward and hassle-free.

A step-by-step guide on how to pay with your mobile phone bill, explained specifically for A1 customers.

We have prepared a step-by-step guide that will demonstrate how you can easily acquire digital goods or purchase clothes from an online retailer and conveniently pay with A1. Let us illustrate an example to show you how this process can be accomplished. Simply adhere to our straightforward instructions, and you'll be able to navigate through the entire procedure effortlessly.

Open Site
Schritt 1

Go to your favorite online store.

Welcome bonus
Schritt 2

Place your product (e.g. Xbox games) into the shopping cart.

Enter Your Details
Schritt 3

Complete the registration process on the online store.

Get prizes
Schritt 4

Click on the "pay" button in your shopping cart.

Layout Set Logo
Schritt 5

Choose "A1 Handyrechnung" among the payment services.

Enter Code
Schritt 6

Enter the cell phone number.

Play And Win
Schritt 7

Confirm your mobile number input with a button click and finalize the order.

At the end of the month, typically, individuals receive the mobile bill from the online service. This invoice includes the purchased product (such as Xbox games) that one has bought from the internet store. The monthly mobile bill then increases by the corresponding price of the acquired goods. However, since one usually provides their banking details to A1, this amount is automatically deducted from the account (without any registration or data input) without the need to click the payment button.

Here, you can pay with A1 Online Invoice.

Almost every online store in Canadа offers the option to pay via mobile phone bill. This means that you don't necessarily need PayPal or any other payment method to settle an invoice online. The advantages are clearly evident! Even some supermarkets now offer the option to pay with your mobile phone bill.

  • XBox
  • Microsoft
  • Google Playstore
  • Mobile Application Store (Google Play, Apple App Store)
  • Dazn
  • Cell phone parking

Pay casino bills with A1 online invoices on your phone bill.

The payment method has caught the attention of the online casino industry. Thus, many online casino providers now offer the A1 invoice as a payment method after registration. If you enjoy playing at the casino on your smartphone, you can conveniently make a payment by mobile phone bill (with SMS confirmation) using the corresponding button. All invoices will then be automatically settled by direct debit from your bank account. By the way, there are no additional costs when paying by mobile phone at the casino.

Die A1 App

Nowadays, top-notch smartphones are capable of installing a wide range of applications. One such essential app that you should never overlook is the A1 App. With this app, you can conveniently access your entire contract, which you signed up for with A1. Once onboard, you'll have various options at your disposal, including the ability to view your bills, extend your contract with the touch of a button, or get in touch with customer support whenever needed. The A1 App (available for both iOS and Android) offers an extensive array of features that truly add value. Most notably, it empowers you to effortlessly keep track of your bills, ensuring that you are always up-to-date. You can find the A1 Apps on Google and Apple platforms.

Fees and Limits for Payments

The remarkable thing about paying by mobile phone bill is that there are no fees or limits involved. One can spend as much money as desired. However, it is crucial to keep the finances under control.

Security and anonymity with A1.

The A1 mobile bill payment method is an extremely secure option. You can conveniently use it to make purchases for goods, subscriptions, or services anywhere you go. The greatest advantage is that you won't need to enter any credit card numbers or bank details. All online stores will only have access to your mobile number, ensuring your privacy and security.

Advantages/disadvantages of A1 Online billing.


    • Payments are anonymous as neither credit card number nor bank account needs to be provided.
    • One has financial flexibility as the mobile phone bill is typically paid at the end of the month.
    • Nowadays, almost everyone owns a smartphone and a mobile phone plan, which means that they always have the payment method with them.
    • Thousands of online shops and service providers on the internet offer the option to pay by mobile phone bill.


    • Most of the time, you have to confirm your payment via SMS, which may incur additional charges.
    • Withdrawals are not possible in an online casino, for example.


Paying your bills with your mobile phone bill is a fantastic way to settle your expenses. A1, the company, provides an excellent service in this regard, which you should definitely take advantage of. Paying through your A1 mobile phone bill is particularly suitable for online casinos. Don't miss out on this convenient payment option that A1 offers.


  • Where can you pay with A1?

    Thousands of online shops offer the convenience of paying for goods, subscriptions, and services through your mobile phone bill.

  • Why is the first A1 invoice so expensive?

    Once a contract with A1 has been signed, the initial mobile bill can turn out to be quite steep. This is due to the possibility of additional service fees and processing charges being incurred.

  • When does A1 debit the amount?

    A debit usually occurs 10 days after the invoice is generated.

  • How can I pay my A1 invoice?

    A1 provides the following options for payment: direct debit, real-time EPS payment, payment at the A1 shop, and online banking.

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