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Buy EuroBon Online: The Prepaid Card in the Casino 2023

EuroBon Online purchase - EuroBon is an Canadian payment method that is commonly used in online casinos. Few players in casinos are familiar with the payment method. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with detailed information about the EuroBon deposit method. We address important questions such as: What is the payment method all about? How can I use the payment method? And what advantages does the payment method offer me?

The EuroBon is a favored form of payment among online casino enthusiasts, but unfortunately, it is not yet widely available. Rest assured, our dedicated team is working tirelessly to ensure that this payment method is included in the list of options at gambling providers like Wild Fortune Casino. In the meantime, there are excellent alternatives offered by these gambling providers until the EuroBon is universally accessible. In the interim, allow us to share with you the fundamental steps of utilizing the EuroBon at an online casino. If you desire further information about EuroBon, please continue reading.

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Last updated: August 4, 2023

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The top EuroBon online casino in Canadа for 2023.

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Facts about purchasing EuroBonds in Canadа 2023:

  • EuroBon is a type of gift card that can be used to make deposits in Canadian online casinos.
  • To purchase a EuroBon, one must visit one of the 5,000+ lottery retailers in Canadа.
  • The value of a voucher can range from 5 $ to 100 $ and it can be paid with cash or card.
  • You will receive a cash receipt with a 16-digit code that can be entered at the casino.
  • Unfortunately, at present, it is not possible to purchase a voucher online, but only in person.
  • The predecessor of this means of payment was called "wincard."

What is a EuroBond anyway?

A question frequently posed by players is what we aim to clarify here. The EuroBon is a specialized payment method exclusive to Canadа. It is commonly used to make deposits in an online casino. To be more precise, at the moment, it is only available in the only Canadian internet casino in Canadа, win2day.at! EuroBons can be perceived by gamblers as similar to a Paysafecard. Just like the latter, they are prepaid cards that can be loaded with credit.

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to make a deposit into a casino using your prepaid card. As a result, there is no need for a credit card (such as Diners Club), a bank account, or any other payment method. This financial tool is the successor to the winCard, which some of you may still remember. The EuroBon prepaid card can be easily and conveniently purchased with cash at various sales outlets of the Canadian lottery acceptance points.

How can one utilize a EuroBon?

We already know that EuroBon is a prepaid card that can be purchased from the Canadian Lotteries. But how exactly do you use it to make online payments? The answer is actually quite simple. If you want to use the cards for online payments, you will need a 16-digit code. Each receipt has a specific code on the back that plays a crucial role in making deposits.

To authorize the payment, you will need to enter this code when making the payment. This allows you to easily initiate a payment online. Simply input the code on the back of the EuroBon ticket at the online terminal of the casino to authorize the payment.

Here are some of the reasons why Eurobond sales are increasing:

  • EuroBons are a popular gift option.
  • Euro Bons offer a convenient way to make secure and anonymous deposits at a casino without having to enter any bank details.
  • The Eurobon is available in various denominations at lottery outlets, allowing gamblers to choose the right amount for their needs.

Below is a new English paragraph for the website: "Explore the statistical data table for purchasing Eurobonds in Canadа during June 2023. Delve into the comprehensive figures and facts, providing insights into the market trends and investment opportunities. This table offers a wealth of information, presenting key indicators and metrics relevant to Eurobond transactions. Gain a deeper understanding of the market dynamics and make informed decisions based on the data provided. Stay updated with the latest statistics and equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to navigate the Eurobond landscape in Canadа."

Month Total Eurobond sales Average Eurobon value
June 2023 10,000,000 $ 50 $
May 2023 9,000,000 $ 45 $
April 2023 8,000,000 $ 40 $
March 2023 7,000,000 $ 35 $
February 2023 6,000,000 $ 30 $
January 2023 5,000,000 $ 25 $

Where can EuroBon be used?

EuroBon is exclusively available for purchase at Canadian lottery outlets, and this is for a specific reason. The purpose of EuroBon is to facilitate online casino payments, meaning that it can only be used for making deposits at online casinos. So, if you want to add funds to your casino account, you can easily do so using this online payment method.

EuroBon in the online casino

EuroBon is closely connected to online casinos, making it nearly impossible for anyone who wants to make payments in an Canadian casino to avoid using the EuroBon code. In the realm of online casinos, it is crucial for deposits to be reliable and secure. These two important attributes can be achieved with the EuroBon code. The code allows users to effortlessly deposit money into a casino without having to enter any data at the online casino terminal. This deposited amount can then be used to play games and have fun. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to increase one's casino balance.

Win2day, the online casino in Canadа

In Canadа, there is a dominant player among online casinos. This one is clearly called win2day! But why is "win2day" so popular among people in Canadа? This has a very simple explanation. win2day.at is actually Canadа's only legal internet casino where players can gamble safely and worry-free. The win2day.at casino possesses a valid and official gambling license issued by the Canadian federal government.

So, this is a casino specifically for Canadians! And there's plenty to experience here. As a player, you'll find numerous deposit options, including the use of EuroBon. There's even a dedicated win2day mobile app, along with a win2day.at casino bonus that includes free spins, as well as a win2day live casino section. Without a second thought, this casino is among the finest EuroBon casinos worldwide! Not to mention, the Bob Casino and many others also offer fantastic deals and payment methods like prepaid cards, and so forth.

How to Use a EuroBon on "win2day"

Schritt 1

Log into your win2day Online Casino account.

Schritt 2

Schritt 3

When accessing the payment section, input the scan code or utilize your smartphone camera to scan the code.

Schritt 4

Confirm the input of the scan code.

Schritt 5

The payment process is completed, and the deposit is credited to the win2day.at player account.

These are the aspects that we value in EuroBon online casinos.

Below, we would like to discuss with you the aspects that we particularly value in online casinos, even when evaluating EuroBon online casinos. As a player, you will gain an overview of the characteristics we pay special attention to in our rankings. We take into account several key features that a casino, such as win2day for instance, must definitely meet in order to be included in our list of the top EuroBon casinos.

Valid license

The initial aspect we scrutinize when examining a casino is its valid license. We do not evaluate any casino without a valid license! This is because it is only through a gambling license that one can ascertain that everything is above board with the provider, such as Bob Casino, for instance. To acquire such a gambling license, a casino must first meet several important requirements. These include, among others, security features, responsible gaming, licensed casino games, and much more. Therefore, our first priority is to ensure the presence of a license. Casinos lacking a license are not subject to evaluation by us.

The casino bonus

Another crucial aspect we examine is the so-called casino bonus. Typically, the casino bonus comprises complimentary credit and free spins. It is essential to note, above all, that the casino bonus does not conclude with the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is typically the bonus you receive upon registering.

At reputable casinos, the bonuses don't just end with the welcome bonus; they are regularly continued. This type of bonus is called a reload bonus. We place special emphasis on ensuring that players repeatedly enjoy the benefits of the reload bonus. This is because only then can it be considered a good and reputable casino that values its players.

The casino games

The heart and soul of a casino lies in its games. That's why we place great importance on the variety and quality of games offered in our establishment. It is of utmost significance that we provide a selection of both trendy and popular gambling options, as well as games with low betting limits. Furthermore, it is vital to offer a wide array of different gaming experiences, including an extensive range of slots and live casino variations.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

Naturally, we emphasize the importance of the payment methods for real money. It is vital for players to be able to make deposits and withdraw their winnings quickly. Here, the focus lies on the various payment methods available. Above all, these methods should be prompt to ensure real-time deposits into the player's account and swift withdrawals. Additionally, it is essential for both deposits and withdrawals to be fee-free, ensuring that the customer receives their full monetary amount. The great thing is that EuroBon payments encompass precisely these two qualities. Deposits here don't cost a single penny and are executed swiftly.

The customer support that answers frequently asked questions.

In a reputable casino, it is essential to have a reliable and knowledgeable customer support team available at all times for easy communication. Should any issues arise with your gaming account, a specific game, or free spins, the support should be able to assist and provide guidance. Typically, in a casino, the support is available 24/7, ensuring accessibility throughout. There are multiple avenues to establish contact with the support team, allowing for various options to reach out and seek assistance.

You have various options to get in touch with them, such as via live chat, email, or even by telephone. During our evaluation, we make sure to assign a task to the customer service representative and observe their ability to handle it. If they successfully accomplish the task, you can rest assured that they provide excellent customer support. Contacting them via live chat, email, or phone is made easy, ensuring that any inquiries or concerns are promptly addressed. We thoroughly assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer service by presenting them with a specific challenge and assessing their ability to handle it. If they handle it with competence and proficiency, you can trust that their customer support is exemplary.

Is the casino designed for smartphones and tablets?

We make it a point to ensure that all the products offered in a casino are designed for use on smartphones and tablets. In 2023, it is crucial that all Eurobon Casinos are optimized for mobile usage, considering the fact that most customers nowadays prefer playing in gambling establishments like Casino 20Bet using their smartphones or tablets.

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, players should have easy access to their casino account, be able to conduct EuroBon payments effortlessly using their mobile devices, redeem free spins, and, of course, play games. Equally important is the ability to request withdrawals of their winnings. These are all crucial criteria that must be met for a casino to be included in our list. Furthermore, the presence of a mobile casino app would be an additional advantage.

Responsible gaming

When gambling at EuroBon Casinos, it is possible for addiction potential to arise swiftly! That's why it's crucial for the casinos to safeguard their customers against this. To address the issue of gambling addiction, most casinos have implemented features under the umbrella of responsible gaming. As a customer, you have the option to set a loss limit, a maximum deposit limit, or a time limit. We prioritize the well-being of our readers, ensuring that they never fall victim to gambling addiction. Consequently, we always ensure that casinos have integrated options for responsible gaming and helpful resources.

Security and privacy

Just like with any prepaid credit, the EuroBon can also be purchased securely and anonymously. In fact, when obtaining the voucher from a retail location using cash, there is no need to provide any personal information such as name, address, or bank details. This serves as a great security feature for those who prefer not to disclose their data to anyone.

The advantages and disadvantages of EuroBon in detail.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks associated with EuroBons. This will allow you to assess whether the EuroBon code is suitable for you or if you should explore alternative payment options. By examining the advantages and disadvantages in depth, you can make an informed decision regarding your payment preferences. It is essential to consider all aspects before committing to any financial service, and EuroBons are no exception. Keep in mind that what may be advantageous for one person might not be for another, as individual circumstances vary.


    • The predecessor of the payment method was the winCard, which was also very popular in Canadа.
    • There are no fees or costs incurred when depositing at online casinos.
    • In Canadа's lotteries, one can conveniently purchase a code using cash.
    • The prepaid payment method is secure and anonymous.
    • A deposit typically takes only a few seconds to process.
    • Making payments with EuroBon is extremely simple.
    • There are over 5,000+ lottery stores where EuroBons can be purchased.


    • With EuroBon, it is not possible to withdraw money from the casino.
    • The payment method is commonly used in online casinos. However, it is not suitable for purchasing any products or articles on the internet.

Can EuroBon be purchased with Paypal?

It was once possible to shop with PayPal using the predecessor winCard. Nowadays, however, it is no longer feasible to purchase a voucher code with PayPal online. Currently, one acquires a voucher code directly with cash at a retail outlet, instead of opting for the "online purchase" option. Afterward, the voucher code can be used to make deposits into one's online casino account. You can either manually enter this code into the internet casino or use the scan code found on the EuroBon.

Tip: Get yourself a physical PayPal card from the payment provider's website, which allows you to make in-store payments as well. This way, your PayPal purchase will go smoothly!

Other excellent payment methods that we highly recommend

For players seeking a convenient deposit method, EuroBon payments prove to be highly practical. However, as currently only one provider enables this online casino deposit, we have prepared alternate options for deposit and withdrawal for your convenience. Rest assured, we strive to provide you with a range of accessible choices to suit your needs.

Payment methods Advantages Online Casino Welcome bonus Spielen

Security and trustworthiness

200% up to $500 + 100 FS

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Goes extremely quickly

100% up to $120 + 120 FS

It is possible in most online casinos.

150% up to $300 + 170 FS

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Quasi immune to fraud.

150% up to $400 + 150 FS

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Transactions without fees

150% up to $400 + 150 FS

Every casino bonus is therefore

300% up to $1,000 + 300 FS

Anonymity of data

250% up to $3,000 + 250 FS

Fast transactions

100% up to $1,000 + 100 FS

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Do you receive a bonus in some casinos?

150% up to $300 + 150 FS

Alternative payment methods in online casinos

Of course, there are also numerous alternative payment methods available to make transactions in online casinos. Some of these methods are even more suitable for making payments, while others are perfect for withdrawing winnings. Some are notably secure, while others are exceptionally swift. Therefore, let us now take a closer look at all the different payment methods one can use to make payments at a web-based casino. You can find our selection of the finest alternatives in the table below.

Payment method Type of payment Duration of deposit and withdrawal fees Advantages of the method
Visa & Mastercard Credit card Real time No fees Almost every second person owns a credit card, and it is accepted in most online shops.
Trustly E-Wallet Real time No fees Trustly supports the Pay and Play principle, which is implemented in modern online casinos.
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency 1-3 hours Low fees Bitcoin is one of the most secure payment methods on the entire internet.
Direct debit Bank 1-3 workdays Low fees Every individual has a bank account, which enables prompt and effortless transactions.

Final version: Conclusion on purchasing EuroBon online

Currently, purchasing EuroBon online proves to be quite challenging. At the moment, the numeric code is only available at specialized lottery outlets, making it impossible to buy Euro Bon online. Therefore, if you wish to make an online casino deposit using this payment method, you must purchase a numeric code at a physical store instead of being able to buy EuroBon with your mobile phone. However, this could be worthwhile! The advantage is that you can simply pay with cash, ensuring complete anonymity.

In the realm of online gambling, one can effortlessly input the numerical code or opt for the convenience of scanning a code with their mobile device to have the funds credited. Transactions in EuroBon casinos are a breeze, which is why this payment method is highly favored in Canadа. We highly recommend it. Although there may not be many EuroBon casinos available at the moment, apart from "win2day," you can find the top EuroBon casino alternatives in the table above.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I receive a welcome bonus with this prepaid payment method?

    The EuroBon deposit does not impose any restrictions on the bonuses offered in casinos. Let's say that the Tonybet casino would offer the EuroBon as an online payment method. In the first step, you could visit lottery outlets and purchase EuroBon vouchers in various denominations using cash. Then, you could fund all bonus offers with the voucher and withdraw the resulting winnings.

  • How can I find a reputable casino that offers the EuroBon deposit method?

    Currently, there is unfortunately only one casino that you can visit after purchasing the EuroBon. However, we always keep you updated on the top casinos, and as soon as deposits are possible in the online casino sector with other providers, you will be the first to know from us.

  • Where can I get a EuroBon?

    You can easily find a sales outlet in the Alpine region that sells you a EuroBon relatively quickly. There are actually more than 5,000 acceptance points that sell you the corresponding voucher. Unfortunately, there is no way to purchase the EuroBon online or outside the Alpine region. As mentioned before, this is a special form of payment for Canadians that can only be used as the win2day EuroBon.

  • Can EuroBon be purchased online?

    Unfortunately, at present, there is no way to purchase a EuroBon code online. So, you have no choice but to acquire it at local sales points. Although it may sound quite laborious and time-consuming at first, it is not the case at all. Because there are over 5,000+ sales points where you can buy a "win2day EuroBon" with real money.

  • Where can I redeem the EuroBon?

    If you wish to make EuroBon payments, this can only be done specifically on the website in Canadа where casino and lottery games are available, namely "win2day." Currently, this is the only platform where this payment method is accepted. Regrettably, the EuroBon cannot be utilized for any other purposes.

  • What was the predecessor of the EuroBond called?

    The predecessor of the EuroBon is the prepaid card called "winCard." On August 25, 2003, the EuroBon replaced the old card. Of course, we are also happy to explain how to easily use the scan code of the EuroBon. Each voucher/bon contains a so-called code that is needed to make payments at the casino. However, it is now also possible to no longer manually enter this code but to scan it directly with a smartphone. For this purpose, you simply need a smartphone that is capable of scanning QR codes.

  • Do fees apply when purchasing or using Eurobonds, and how do they compare to other payment methods?

    When purchasing the EuroBon, unlike other prepaid cards such as Paysafecard, no fees are charged. This is one of the advantages for players who choose to use this payment method. Moreover, when depositing with the voucher at the casino, no fees are deducted.

  • How can I recharge my phone using Eurobons, and can I use Eurobons in all mobile networks in Canadа?

    The EuroBon, unfortunately, cannot be used to recharge your phone. You will receive a voucher with a 16-digit code from a lottery outlet, which can then be entered at the casino. If you wish to top up the code on win2day, you can only do so by scanning it with your mobile device.

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