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When do slot machines pay out the most?

The best ways to win in

When do slot machines pay out the most? This question has been on gamblers' minds for ages. Not everyone is just a casual player. Many gamblers want to determine the perfect time of day to have the highest chances of winning. They study numerous slot games, test time windows, and try to develop a sense of the right moment. This requires a lot of effort, which we might be able to save you from. We have thoroughly examined this topic, scoured the internet for tips, and tried to find out when casino games are most likely to pay out winnings. In this article, you will learn everything about the topic of "When do slot machines give out the most winnings." Afterward, you will become a pro in this field and can apply your newly acquired knowledge.

When Do Slot Machines Pay Best? The Best Winning Opportunities

Editor: Roberta Spells

Last updated: August 30,

Reading time: 6 min

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3 Insights for the optimal time to play slot machines!

  1. In the gambling industry, there are numerous theories regarding the question "When do slot machines pay out the most?" The answers vary widely and revolve around factors such as the time of day and specific strategies.
  2. The claim that slot machines pay out better at a certain time is nothing but theory and superstition, as the games are equipped with a random number generator (RNG). These generators randomly produce winnings for each machine, making predictions impossible. Online slot machines are tested by independent laboratories like eCOGRA Tested to ensure the randomness of the game outcome.
  3. Even though the chance of winning at online slots is purely random, we can still influence our chances of winning to some extent. By selecting bonus offers, considering the payout rate of slots, and choosing reputable online casinos, we can improve our odds. However, there is always the risk of losing everything.

Season, time of day, hour, and random number generators.

When do slot machines give the best payouts at the casino? The question is widely spread among gamblers, extremely important to them, and as old as casino games themselves. Most players deposit money into slot machines and naturally expect to receive winnings from the game. No one pays with the knowledge that they have no luck anyway, that would be strange, in our opinion. Eventually, a slot machine will give out game winnings, at least it should be if the gaming halls are fair and operate legally.

It is certainly valid to inquire about the optimal season, time of day, and hour for playing in the casino. As seasoned gambling experts with extensive experience, we are well aware of the answer. Cutting-edge random number generators (abbreviated as RNG - Random Number Generator) ensure unpredictable game outcomes through sophisticated algorithms. In essence, this article could conclude here, as the chances of winning have been explained.

However, many players have had different personal experiences and theories about this, so we still want to delve deeper into this important subject. During our research, we were surprised to find some validity to certain theories. However, the majority of statements regarding the matter of "when slot machines pay out the most" fall into the realm of myths and legends.

How can one identify if a slot machine is paying out?

Rumors are circulating in the online gaming industry about the optimal time for slot machines to pay out winnings. Some believe that the time of day is the number one tip in land-based casinos, while others claim that the amount of money inserted into an online slot plays a role. And there are many other examples as well. Ultimately, these hypotheses have no basis. Or do they? No, definitely not.

Of course, it is possible that an online casino player wins while practicing their gaming strategy. However, this outcome is purely random. The random number generators ensure that every player has an equal chance of winning, and no one gains an advantage over recreational players by employing strategic gameplay on online casino slots.

It is possible for a slot game to produce multiple wins in a row in the evening. However, this has nothing to do with the theory that slot games pay out better in the evening. It could just as easily happen that the next day, at the exact same time, at the same slot machine, you don't win a single cent. It's all just luck and chance. The random number generator cannot be tricked, thanks to the efforts of eCOGRA and similar organizations. They examine the online slots and issue certificates for fair and secure slot machines. This way, every casino player can see if everything is being done properly in the casinos.

However, there are some persistent online casino players who claim that there are certain strategies that yield the best payouts on slots. We have gathered below a few theoretical tips from the internet and will present them to you. So, when do slot machines give the best winnings?

Theory 1: The break of dawn brings forth golden opportunities.

What is the optimal time to visit the gaming hall? Some have considered the early morning in relation to the theory discussed. Many gamblers believe that slot machines are generously fed by players during the night, making the morning the best time to win at the gaming hall. Naturally, most players flock to online casinos in the evening, as they are occupied during the day and have time to indulge in gaming later.

The proportion of visitors to online casinos is larger in the evening. As the influx of players increases, online slot machines are also fed more. Progressive slots rise faster, while other slots are filled. In theory, it seems logical that players have a better chance of winning one of the slot prizes in the morning. However, when we consider the random number generators, everything is already said.

At first glance, this theory sounds quite plausible. Nevertheless, we must respond with a resounding no to the question: "Do slot machines pay out the most in the morning?"

Theory 2: When does a slot machine pay out winnings? - Between noon and early evening.

Do slot machines really pay out the most during the afternoon and evening? Is it true? The theory that slot games pay out the most during the day persists stubbornly. Some gamblers believe that many slot games are still filled with winnings from the night and morning, which is why the chances of winning are highest at this time of day. However, as gambling experts, we cannot fully comprehend this theory.

It sounds like another desperate attempt to try out tricks to win money. The idea that it's more advantageous to play at noon until evening sounds too peculiar to be true. Of course, there might be fewer people in the arcades during lunchtime, granting individuals more chances, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the prime time. If a player happens to have significant winnings during this period, it will raise suspicions among other players, leading them to believe it's the best time to play the slot machines.

However, we are happy to reiterate: RNG (Random Number Generator) - random number generators!

Theory 3: The best time at the online casino - Big winnings await in the evening!

Are the slot machines in online casinos most likely to pay out in the evening? The evening and nighttime are when the casinos are filled with players, as they finally have time to enjoy their leisure after a long day of work. There are numerous players who spend hours playing slots like Mega Fortune or Frost Queen, hoping to hit the big jackpots. They believe that it's the best time to gamble on slot machines. It seems logical that the online slots must be brimming with winnings by now, as they have been fed over the course of several days. A successful spin on the reels could result in winning multiple times the initial bet.

It is undeniably a tempting thought. However, one must consider that during this period, most players are at the casino, thereby naturally diminishing the individual player's chances. Some zealous gamblers argue that the prime time to win falls precisely between 8 and 10 p.m. That is when the majority of people flock to the gaming hall. With the heavy influx and the prospect of substantial winnings, players are enticed to take greater risks.

The concept of the "ideal time for the arcade" is a mere speculation for us, more of a wishful thinking than a credible strategy. Allow us to remind you of the Random Number Generator.

Theory 4: Kelly Formula - Science versus Superstition

Is there a strategy to maximize slot machine wins? As previously mentioned, we have delved into the various strategies and systems available to increase payouts in slot machines and other gambling games. There are numerous options to explore. One approach to earning profits from slots is the method developed by physicist John Kelly. He, along with Claude Shannon (father of information theory) and Ed Thorp (mathematics genius), were part of the renowned "Las Vegas Connection."

The Kelly formula

$$f = \frac{bp - q}{b}$$

There is:

  • $f$ is the proportion of capital to be invested.
  • The profit factor (the ratio between the potential profit and the stake)
  • $p$ represents the probability of winning.
  • The probability of loss ($q = 1 - p$).

Partially recording enormous, legendary gains, this triumvirate is familiar to even the investor and billionaire Warren Buffett, who holds the Kelly Formula in high regard. The Las Vegas Connection has diverse approaches, but to delve into each one would exceed the scope at hand. However, the essence of the Kelly Formula can be succinctly summarized as follows:

Winning or losing multiple times.

If a slot machine has just paid out a big win, it is quite possible that it will happen again. The behavior of the machine does not change so quickly. However, many players believe that this is the case due to the algorithms and random number generators. This is one of the explanations why numerous online casino players keep losing so much money. Players are likely familiar with this situation: sitting in an online casino in front of a slot machine like Red Tiger's Blood Suckers Megaways, pouring in money endlessly, hoping that the slot will soon pay out. Often, nothing happens, and one leaves the virtual casino without a win. It is simply unpredictable when the machines will pay out.

Adjust deployments to the available balance.

Let's consider a hypothetical scenario. Suppose you decide to explore an online casino of your choosing, armed with a starting balance of $100, and opt for a game boasting an 80% Return to Player (RTP) rate. In this context, the ideal initial wager would be 80 cents. (Although this amount may seem small, it serves purely as an illustrative example). As you progress and manage to elevate your gaming funds to $200, you can then consider increasing your bets to $1.60. For further insights into the Kelly Formula, additional information is available.

The Kelly formula is an extremely sophisticated theory on how to guarantee more winnings at slot machines in gambling halls. We cannot provide a definitive answer to whether these strategies truly work in online casinos. However, you can put them to the test and inform us of the results.

Theory 5: It is not the time, but rather the strategy and effort that determine when one makes the most profit.

When do slot machines pay out the most - does the bet matter? We will now take a closer look at another strategy for slots that has nothing to do with luck but rather tactics. It is clear, of course, that playing intelligently is essential to avoid significant losses. Therefore, the bet amount plays an equally important role as time and loss limits. If you want to achieve winnings in the best online casinos, you must utilize every available advantage. According to our information, the slot machines there can have an RTP (return to player) of almost 100%, which is fantastic.

Storming Gaming's Money Carlo slot offers a remarkable 99.99% Return to Player (RTP) when played with a minimum bet of $0.20. This stands in stark contrast to games like the 777 Slot, which has a low payout rate of 62.89%. The disparity between the two is immense. Opting for a game with a high RTP can significantly boost your chances of winning without resorting to any tricks. Moreover, when combined with the right wager and the perfect combination, your winnings can soar to new heights.

If you apply the theory of payout rates and wagering in gaming establishments, you can greatly improve your chances of winning, as long as luck is on your side. Additionally, online casinos offer bonus deals that provide bonus funds and free spins, making the time of day irrelevant when it comes to visiting a gaming hall.

Theory 6: The 2 euro trick

When is the best time to win - with the $2 trick? Have you ever heard of the $2 trick for slot machines? It can be found among the numerous tips on the internet. You feed the slot machine in the arcade with $2 and gamble with bets of 20% each. If you notice that the game is not paying off, then you try other slots and test your luck there. However, if the slot machine is feeling generous, you stick with it and increase your bet to take advantage of the winning cycle.

For those who have been attentive, it is now common knowledge that such casino tricks do not work, even though it may seem like a promising idea. Let's remind ourselves once again – RNG!

Theory 7: Playing Jackpots at the right time

When does a slot machine in the arcade give out winnings - during jackpot time? Many players believe that there is a specific moment when a jackpot slot is best to play. This moment is when the jackpot game is bursting at the seams. However, in reality, it is always possible to empty the machine while playing. Regardless of whether it has already paid out a jackpot win 2 days ago or 2 months ago.

The random number generators of casino games have no memory and act purely randomly. It doesn't mean that jackpot slot machines aren't fun. You just need to keep in mind that when playing at a casino, there is no perfect time to hit the jackpot.

When it comes to jackpot slot machines, there is only one response to the question, "When do slot machines payout the most?" No one knows. Casino slots do not have a specific number or frequency for awarding game wins; it's purely random.

Conclusion: When do slot machines pay out the most winnings?

When do slot machines pay out the most? These and other questions about gambling are as old as gambling itself. There are numerous theories and strategies that are used and recommended by gamblers. But are they really useful and can they increase your chances of winning? We were unsure and decided to investigate in order to answer these questions. Our answers are based on research from the internet and our own experiences playing at online casinos. Sure, there are many tips that are helpful and can be applied, such as taking advantage of bonus offers in casinos. It is also important to consider the payout percentage on slot machines if you want to fully maximize your winning opportunities in a casino. However, one thing we can say for sure based on our collected information is that there are no tips and tricks that can truly influence gameplay and payouts. Every reputable casino possesses random number generators that produce only random results, offering every player an equal chance of winning.


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From personal experience, I can attest that in a reputable gaming establishment, slot machines cannot be manipulated. These casinos not only hold licenses from authorities like the MGA, which continuously monitor the operators, but they also possess certifications from independent testing laboratories that assess the fairness of the slot machines. If you try out one of the many tips and tricks and they actually work, something fishy is going on, and you should scrutinize that casino. Does it have a license and undergo regular inspections? Because only such casinos provide fair gameplay. The advantage here is that you will also receive your winnings securely if you happen to win a substantial amount while playing or through a bonus. Ultimately, the security provided by our verified casinos pays off more than uncertain theories!

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