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Victor McClure, an expert in casinos at search-casino.com.

Jessica Hueber

At search-casino.com, my team and I prioritize thoroughly assessing casinos and gathering trustworthy and pertinent data. Our evaluations and tests are built upon this foundation. Ensuring casino safety is of utmost importance to us. As such, we place great significance on it.

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Victor McClure - CEO

It is of utmost importance to me that the work our team carries out serves a purpose for all gamblers out there. The objective is for players to derive benefits from our articles and emerge wiser than before. Our aim is to provide valuable insights and knowledge to enhance the gambling experience for our readers.

More about our activities
Victor McClure - CEO

My name is Thomas, and I serve as the Chief Executive Officer of search-casino.com. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge about the realm of casinos. Keep reading to delve deeper into my journey and learn more about me. Feel free to get in touch with me:

My casino experience

I was introduced to gambling through my circle of friends, and as a journalist, visiting local casinos and online gaming platforms became a welcome diversion. It allowed me to indulge in the thrill of the game without the need for extensive research and analysis. On one occasion, I even hit a substantial jackpot that enabled me to renovate my apartment. This particular experience opened my eyes to the world of online casinos, and now I work in this field with relentless passion.

I find great joy in delving into new games, keeping up with the latest developments, and sharing them with fellow gambling enthusiasts. However, I never overlook the importance of laws and regulations. It is crucial to abide by them in order to connect my casino friends out there with only reputable providers. Understanding how challenging it can be to navigate the gambling landscape, I have made it my mission to offer the utmost support to players on their gambling journey.

My favorite games

There are a few games that captivate me and, frankly speaking, sometimes consume too much of my time because they fascinate me so much. Among these are Scratch and Bingo, games that I simply adore for the thrill they bring. However, the games I most frequently spend my time on are the following.

  1. The intro alone of Vikings go Berzerk is mind-blowing, and the design and features never fail to impress me.
  2. Cygnus 2 - The unique game is truly captivating. Instead of boring reels, you'll find falling balls. The design and features are, in my opinion, overwhelming.
  3. Nitropolis 3 is an extraordinary slot game that features cascading stones instead of reels. Besides its impressive features, players also have the chance to win up to 50,000 times their initial bet.

About Me - Fascinating Facts

  1. I was born in 1992 and worked as a freelance journalist during my younger years.
  2. In 2001, I also ventured into the online gambling industry and gradually acquired my current knowledge about it.
  3. Although I am currently unmarried and without children, I have a multitude of nieces and nephews.
  4. I was born in Vienna, but I have been living in Lower Canadа for many years now, in a cozy little house with a lovely garden.
  5. My dog, "Balu," has been my loyal companion for 4 years, ensuring that I get enough exercise.
  6. I am passionate about hitting the ski slopes, in addition to enjoying extensive bike rides with my friends.
  7. If someone asks me what I value, it's qualities like reliability, unity, and honesty.
  8. For the future, I desire to have a family of my own, a carefree life, and for my job to continue bringing me as much joy as it has thus far.

What I do at search-casino.com

Having started studying online casinos, games, and software companies myself in 2001, I began my own blog, which I felt contained essential information on these topics. On my blog, I reported on the various games and their features, as well as the software and the contents of online casinos.

"Gold-Chip caught my attention, and I was recruited for the platform. Nowadays, while I still write reviews with passion, my responsibilities encompass overseeing my colleagues' reviews and handling various managerial tasks. I thoroughly enjoy this role!"

Vision search-casino.com

It is of utmost importance to me that the effort our team puts in brings something valuable to all gamblers out there. Our aim is for players to benefit from our articles and emerge smarter than before. We don't just create mundane content that bores, but also provide readers with information that may not sit well with certain online casinos. Honesty is crucial to us, and if something isn't as it should be, it will be acknowledged. After all, the player is our top priority!

Why you can trust me

As an avid gambler, both in the past and present, it is my responsibility to enlighten fellow players about the pros and cons of various providers. After all, I wouldn't want someone to deceive me solely for their own gain. My mother always used to say, "Treat others as you would like to be treated," and I hold onto that principle tightly. It is my mission to ensure transparency and fairness in the gambling industry, so that players can make well-informed decisions. Trust and integrity are the cornerstones of my approach, as I believe that everyone deserves a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.