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Jose Turner is a casino expert at search-casino.com.

Jose Turner - editor

My name is Martin, and for over a decade, I have been deeply engaged in exploring diverse gaming software. Continue reading to discover more about me in the following sections.

Contact me:

E-mail: [email protected]Linkedin: inkedin.com/in/Jose-Turner/Twitter: twitter.com/BuchmeierMartin

My casino experience

I'm one of the most experienced members in the team, having accumulated several years of expertise in this field. Prior to delving into the gaming software developed by various manufacturers, I had the privilege of being intimately involved in the construction of slot machines. This is due to my previous employment at a renowned Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing of slot machines.

I worked there as the head of a department until I decided to pursue a different career and focus more on software rather than hardware. During that time, I met someone who worked for "Gold-Chip," and quickly became a part of the team we have today.

My favorite games

I am fond of various types of games that allow one to potentially enhance the expected outcome through clever tactics and strategies - in the realm of gambling, the certainty of such improvement can never be declared. Included in this category are, for instance:

  1. Poker: I love Poker in any form, whether it be video poker, live poker variations, or poker at a local casino.
  2. Roulette: Also the various types of Roulette The Martingale strategy, which I also attempt, has caught my attention.
  3. Megaways: Megaways slots are also among the games that I enjoy playing. The numerous ways to win make such a game particularly exciting.

About Me - Intriguing Facts

  • I was born in Styria in 1975.
  • After finishing school, I completed an apprenticeship as a toolmaking technician at a well-known Canadian company for gaming devices and have since stayed there.
  • Thanks to my passion for this profession, I was able to reach the position of department head.
  • I got married in 1999 and together with my wife, we have a total of 3 children.
  • Today, my family and I reside in a spacious house with a garden, where our beloved dogs also call home.
  • My hobbies include taking walks with dogs, cycling, reading, and getting to know interesting individuals with whom I can engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Although family is my top priority, my profession is also my passion that I wouldn't want to miss out on.
  • One big dream of mine would be to travel around later with my wife and the dogs in a caravan and maybe visit a few interesting casinos here and there.

What I do at search-casino.com

I'm well aware of the certifications to look out for in order to ensure fair play. With my expertise, I aim to inform players about vital safety information and provide them with rules, guides, and tips for various online games. My goal is to equip them with the necessary knowledge to enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest while staying secure.

Every day, I strive to enhance myself in order to provide our readers with nothing but the finest outcomes. In pursuit of this, I thoroughly examine all the latest online casinos, software developers, and gambling activities, which are consistently expanding.

Vision search-casino.com

I am truly impressed by our team because everyone here is giving their best. Our goal is to guide gamblers on what to look out for in order to always stay within the realm of trustworthiness and still fully enjoy the games and the online casino experience itself. Fun should always come first, which is why I always advise every player to read the terms and conditions and bonus requirements to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. Moreover, it is important to set a limit for the enjoyment of gaming! Due to my caution, I am known within the team as "Mr. Meticulous."

Why you can trust me

The well-being of gamblers is of utmost importance to me. I comprehend the fervor with which individuals engage in various games of chance. However, I am also, as previously stated, exceedingly cautious and meticulously examine every aspect. This is likely due to my devotion to my family, whom I aspire to protect just as much as our readers. I am simply a family-oriented individual who desires safety for all.